1Will this help people wake up? A Saudi Arabian made a patent application in Germany for a killer microchip intended to be implanted under the skin. His reason for this invention? The tracking device would be useful in the case of those who outstay visas. The killer switch could be employed in the case of ‘terrorists’ etc.

Yes, you read that right. It is not only possible to killer microchip humans, but patents on this technology are being sought.

Remember how they patented geoengineering a couple of decades ago? Of course it’s not in use, they tell us. Just some innocent little nanoparticles being sprayed around? That’s how it starts. Take out a patent and then covertly start cashing in.

We need to know what is being sprayed. And we need to get the word out about the killer microchips. The German patenting authority rejected the application on the ground that patents could not be issued for inventions which contravened ‘good manners’ or public order. Where will the next patent application be made?

Please share this information.


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