I’m not one for ‘isms’ but I can’t deny that I am a follower of individualism. Over the past few days the lack of individualism in daily life has become particularly clear to me. Prompted by conversations I have had and articles I have read over the weekend it has become plain to me that this is one ‘ism’ I can really warm to.

We receive our daily propaganda and negative reports under the guise of ‘news’. Despite the fact that there are innumerable positive stories around (I’m thinking of acts of kindness and – yes – rebellion) we receive only the ‘news’ that has been approved by editors. The message? Be scared. Be scared of terrorism, be scared of crashing financial markets etc etc. While we line up to be screened and scrutinised prior to take off in case one of us might be inclined towards sliiping some semtex into our suitcase. millions die of such things as hunger yet few hear their voices. In comparison to many we are very fortunate. Why not celebrate our good fortune while doing our best to ensure that the power wielders are kept in check?

Above all, let’s retain our individualism and let’s not be too easily swayed by those with a power agenda. Turning us into obedient slaves is a fairly easy process. Just keep serving up the propaganda, tell us we are in imminent danger of terrorist attacks and use this as a reason to restrict personal freedom and withhold information. Ensure that the education system produces many obedient and mentally malleable youths and success is almost guaranteed. Ensure that we are constantly told how to think and discourage discourse by declaring non-believers to have committed thought crime and you are well on your way to creating a slave race.

The answer? Well a good start is becoming an individual. Don’t accept the straightjacket of pc propaganda. Question what you are told and feel at liberty to reject something on gut feeling. Liberate yourself. Be brave enough to be different. What a wonderful feeling in these Orwellian times. It is so easy to comply with the constraints of society and it is undoubtedly a challenge to reject the norm. Yet how liberating it can be!

I’m off to express my individuality for a spell. I shall blog when the muse takes me – or when I need to let off steam about yet another ‘accepted truth’. It is my intention to combine what I enjoy doing most of all with other pleasurable (and legal) pursuits. I’ll be checking in from time to time. Enjoy TT, keep safe on the roads and be an individual. Say ‘yes’ to individualism. If we don’t we might lose the option.



As I gaze into the garden it’s depressing to see how the bush which is usually a riot of exploding purple-blue blossom, hiding all the leaves, is struggling to produce a few spots of colour here and there. Inside the house the stove is helping to combat the chilly feel to things and there is no way I will be hunting out the summer clothes at the moment. David Cretney is reporting hailstones in St Johns as I write.

Retailers must also be hard hit by the lack of barbecue and sunbathing weather. This is the coldest spring since 1979! That is straight from the horse’s mouth. The Met Office reported this last night. Meanwhile NASA tell us that CO2 cools the atmosphere.

(NaturalNews) Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false, according to new data compiled by NASA’s Langley Research Center. As it turns out, all those atmospheric greenhouse gases that Al Gore and all the other global warming hoaxers have long claimed are overheating and destroying our planet are actually cooling it, based on the latest evidence.

Learn more:

And after all former NASA scientists have expressed their real concern about the CO2 theoty in the past:

If warming is isolated then it is not global. Which might explain why the predicted 50,000,000 climate refugees did not materialise in 2010?


To quote the present political buzz phrase: Let’s get this clear. The Isle of Man, Where You Can, is supporting the Poker Stars sponsored effort to send two winning contestants to silicone valley to attend the Singularity University. All expenses paid.

What is the Singularity University all about? Well it boasts that it is about Change Agents and giving the students Tools of Disruption to take home. (Please see previous post).

And what exactly is meant by the term ‘singularity’? This is the brain-child of Ray Kurzweil, the founder. It seems that this enterprise is about bringing transhumanism to the masses. Now if you are aware of this term you might be just a little disconcerted by this entire proposal. Could this make the human race redundant? Where is the room for spirituality in a bionic creation? This is a much-debated topic.

More on transhumanism to follow.


‘Does the Isle of Man have change agents?’ was the question posed in a previous post:

My own personal opinion (permitted under Human Rights) is that we do. If we don’t then we soon will have. According to a webpage entitled: Isle of Man Where You Can – so much more of a ring to it than the costly and unoriginal ‘Freedom to Flourish’, don’t you think? – we are seeking Change Agents, with the assistance of Poker Stars.

Sponsored by PokerStars, the Isle of Man Grand Challenge requires two inspired individuals to take up the challenge of facilitating the development of advancing technologies and applying them to address one or more of humanity’s grand challenges.

They will be rewarded with a place each at Singularity University’s week- long Executive Programme in December 2013. The $25,000 total prize also includes flight and accommodation expenses.

How many more leaders do we need? Challenges? Yes. we are faced with challenges. How do we rid the world of corruption for a start. Something tells me this topic won’t be on the agenda. This is about technology – and change of course. So what sort of changes would the lucky winners be subjected to? Taking a look at the Singularity University website we find that not only does it boast that ‘Beyond the classroom we are agents of change.’ But it even goes on to explain that ‘Winners carry home the tools for disruption’!

We focus on global impact

We encourage local innovation through technology with our global impact competitions. Winners receive scholarships to attend our Graduate Studies Program and carry home the tools for disruption

Disruption? Change agents? Shouldn’t we know a little more about this?


The Chief Minister certainly made his feelings known about the gay discrimination issue. This could have negative repercussions for us in the international arena, he feels. But just how free and democratic do we appear to other countries when we are still struggling to even address the lack of a Freedom of Information Act? While we adopt UK legislation, tweaking at the same time and often inserting clauses that were not included in the original version we completely ignore the issue of the FOI. OK – it’s been promised….at some point….no rush…

No wonder there are no immediate plans to introduce it despite the possible impact on our image. Not only are the powers that be dragging their feet on public disclosures, even members of Tynwald were not supplied with a full report on the independent review into the structure and processes of the AG’s chambers carried out by a UK lawyer.

Mr Karran:
The report was quite damning. The decision was taken not to make it available. Even we only saw an executive summary. They do themselves a disservice by hiding behind confidentiality.

It seems to me that a FOI Act is urgently required. Will Mr Bell address this unseemly lack of modern-day legislation with the same passion as the anti-discrimination legislation?


‘An Equality Bill, based on the UK Equality Act of 2010, is already in the drafting process and will deal with discrimination of this kind. I have asked that preparation of this legislation be accelerated.’ States the Chief Minister.

Believe me, I am not prejudiced against gays but I would just like to ask what kind of protection is afforded to those with children, benefit recipients and even pet-owners, who are regularly discriminated against when it comes to property rental applications. Furthermore, while it is politically correct to express indignation and outrage at this matter, because gay discrimination is absolutely not ok, it is perfectly in order to denounce those following their own particular conscientious beliefs as ‘bigots’, it seems. Where is the protection of the laypreacher’s rights?

I am so tired of being told what to think and what I should believe is right or wrong. The outrage over this issue is simply over the top. How many parents, desperately seeking a roof over the heads of the family are turned down because the landlord does not want children, benefit recipients etc. Yet how many of us demonstrate outrage about this?

Mr Bell quickly stepped in to assure us that the legislation is being rushed through. What a pity we can’t just adopt the Freedom of Information Act from the UK in similar fashion! Balance is long overdue.


So while we are being asked to tighten our belts, while jobs disappear and austerity measures are pursued it seems that government can happily write off hundreds of thousands of pounds and more. The Department of Tourism and Leisure mishandled TT-related contracts. Noteably, but not only, with Signature. This was ‘not unique’ just one of a number of mishandled contracts! Furthermore, there were 50 different versions of the contract, with at least 150 changes made. Oops – DTL even omitted to sign contracts, it seems.

Is it not just a little unfair to pay huge salaries to officers who are not held to account when things go wrong, while the public is expected to accept further cuts with little insight into what goes on?

Just how many government departments operate under these kind of circumstances? How would we know? We are serfs, remember. Keep paying up and don’t ask questions.


Do you remember May a few years ago? Trees heavy with blossom. Hillsides covered in a haze of bluebells. Longer, warmer evenings? The feeling that summer is just around the corner.

What do we have these days? Cold, dark, wet days mopre reminiscent of March than May. The present situation is echoed in other countries too. We have bees dying of cold. We turn our heating up to counteract the unseasonable cold and ensure we are well-wrapped up to brave the weather. People are presently going around with fleecy hats in May! I have never seen this before.

So what could be the cause of all this? Geoengineering. Our climate is not changing – it is being changed. At the cost of our environment, our health, our food and our future. Bees die of cold and these idiots are still bleating on about increasing temperatures! Where, for heaven’s sake? We are witnessing steadily decreasing temperatures in my neck of the woods. It is so cold we need the heating on in May – which of course uses fossil fuel.

The global outcry is that aerosol spraying is being carried out while governments stonewall any questions on this topic. Coincidentally, we experience dimming, cooling and weather change. The effects of geoengineering are ruining our planet – and guess what – making it difficult for growers. Coincidentally, Monsanto has GM seeds that will withstand these issues. How convenient.

We must take action against the criminals that are carrying out these attacks on us – contravening our Human Rights. Nonconsensual experimentation on humans is an obvious contravention.


It is my contention that geoengineering is being practised above our heads – without our consent. I suspect that this is being carried out under the term ‘trials’. Furthermore, I am convinced that geoengineering is having severely negative effects on our weather (excessive rain and low temperatures) and that this in turn is affecting agriculture and general health.

Worse still, while eco criminals are wilfully spraying the earth with toxins, metals and various other substances which are damaging to humans and wildlife, these vile people are then claiming that the orchestrated effect on our climate is due to ‘climate change’.

It seems to me that governments are well aware of this and are even assisting the perpetrators. Indeed, we have to ask how this crime is financed. It seems a reasonable assumption that we are paying for this in some form or other.

A denial from Phil Gawne or from environmental departments in any country would be very welcome. However, I forecast that this will not happen. The government carries out no investigation into aerosol spraying – so how could government issue any reliable statement on this topic?

Our children, our health and our food supplies are all at risk. Does government care?


The Protecting Children Board has

  • no legal status and therefore cannot be registered with Data Protection.
  • Nevertheless, it incorrectly claims to be endorsed by the Data Protection Supervisor’s office.
  • The Board makes no distinction between ‘need’ and ‘protection’ resulting in 670 over-referrals! Yes, 670 families unnecessarily subjected to humiliating and worrying prying into family affairs right here in the Isle of Man.
  • Families were referred because of low-income! How about that for social engineering?

The bottom line is that government has happily decided to continue with a very questionable situation. Tynwald, for reasons best known to members, decided to reject the Commission’s recommendations, which addressed the above issues and preferred to permit the department to continue with a system that is neither legal nor efficient.

Can you imagine the pain and anguish the over-referrals cause? These cases are not followed up but initial referral and inquiry could cause enormous stress within a family unit. How does that feel to be referred because your finances are being questioned? Something you may well have little control over. Sickness, redundancy, low hourly wage could all contribute to a family being categorised as ‘low income’. Is this reason to investigate the family? The unspoken threat is that the children might be removed. Ask any family which has had experience of unnecessary investigation how worrying this is.

However, it seems that government has not got a leg to stand on as it continues to operate this non-statutory system. Indeed, IOM Gov could face endless court cases if it does nothing to change the situation. Is Mr Robertshaw powerless to change things or does he not wish to?

Please read the excellent letter in today’s Examiner, from which I have extracted the above details, for a clear insight into this murky affair.