Despite deafening silence from George Osborne and David Camerson when approached about the re-introduction of the Bradbury Pound, an alternative currency which worked in the past and could now remove Great Britain from the clutches of the Rothschild dynasty and all the misery that this appears to cause, Nigel Farrage does not shy away from the discussion. His response to this suggestion also contains references to nationalising the Bank of England. This is huge! He is openly stating that the UK government is not in control of printing money. This issue, avoided by the present UK government, is at the very core of the present cuts and financial misery being imposed on us all.

While we are being told that we must accept cuts and deprivation to recover from the dire financial situation, politicians gloss over the fact that the UK government gave taxpayers’ money to the bank and the misdemeanours of many of the banksters are conventiently ingored.

In short: Nigel Farage admits that the UK government does not issue money but instead buys it from those who print it out of thin air:



  1. What’s needed —everywhere— is a new paradigm of government.

    From the very beginnings of what amounts to ‘government’ amongst men, there has been a most fearful battle between the forces of good, and the forces of evil. In almost every instance between the two —good, and evil— they invariably resort to one or another vileness, and/or the vain, in order to achieve their ends. The evil do such, if only because it happens to be in their very nature. The so-called ‘good’ do so, when they think it will help their cause, but which invariably ends up hurting them in the end.

    In the finality of all things then, they both resort to the very same tactics, and methods, which produce the very same results, because of the amount of leeway which the current paradigm of government affords those in elected, and appointed office.

    Now, before I proceed further, allow me to state just this: I do not propose to say that what I put forth here for your consideration, is the be-all, and end-all in that matter of constituted government, for in the main of all things, there will always be the individuals, and/or groups who have it in mind that it is they only whom are the best suited to ‘run’ matters. So the problem as I see it, is that government —for the most part— is wrongly constructed, for it lays into the hands of the very few, the most power, itself which is ultimately misused, abused, and totally misconstrued to mean something entirely different than what was intended.

    My proposition then, is proffered with just this in mind: The further away from the levers of political power we might keep those possessing of malicious intent, the less likely it is that they will achieve any of their designs against the lot of us, through the use of political power.

    If you want more, just ask!

    • I believe the problem lies with the fact that those who really pull the strings are not visible. Once elected, politicians do as they are told. Manifestos are little more than a wish list.

      • The only reason that there are ‘people behind the scenes’ is because of the current paradigm of government: You have people elected/appointed to office who have the power to make things happen. Well, if that power is removed from them, and returned to the people themselves where it rightfully belongs, then who is going to take the time to bribe, or influence those elected/appointed?

        Why would they, since they would no longer have ~any~ ability to make anything happen in the way of law.

        The people, having been essentially eliminated from possessing any real ability to influence matters beyond the voting stage —if indeed they are allowed to vote at all— are mere bystanders in the power play which unfolds before them. Factor in that matter of ‘voting machines,’ and you’ll soon realise that your vote for all intents, and purposes, simply doesn’t count, because of the perpetual rigging of the software, and the padding of the ballots (dead, and nonexistent people voting). The lack of real accountability is endemic to the system itself, and in fact is facilitated by it.

        Constituted government of the people, up to this date, and time, has followed pretty much a single paradigm: Representatives are elected or appointed to one or more separate chambers (legislative bodies), making decisions for the rest of us, and an elected/appointed/hereditary executive possessing of vested authority, itself supposedly limited in both scope and purpose. But all of that has been endlessly shown to be whimsical at best, and deadly at worst, because both the legislative and the executive have many times assumed to themselves the ultimate power to conduce whatever evil result is wanted, at the expense of everyone else. That, then, has been the hallmark of the current paradigm from the very beginning.

        In the American Republic for example, evidence of just that may be seen by way of the Whisky Rebellion (1794), and later, the Alien, and Sedition Acts (1798), both of which happened during the first and second U.S. Presidential administrations. Prior to those two aforementioned matters, was Shay’s Rebellion (1786-87), where Boston’s wealthy merchants used their influence with the elected officials to exert onerous taxation on the farmers. And again it was all predicated upon an elected, and appointed cadre having little accountability to the people themselves, for once the elected/appointed attained office, they came under the influence of the wealthy, and the politically powerful.

        The very big problem there, is that the elected and appointed representatives rarely —if ever— abide by their oaths of office, or keep the promises made to the electorate prior to, or even after they have been sworn into their office/appointment. Once they attain office, their story almost always changes completely.

        THAT paradigm MUST change, before ~anything~ positive happens.

        As a side note here, allow me to point out that it was the Bank of England, and their onerous policy of having Colonial Script (debt-free money) outlawed, that was truly the genesis of the American Revolution. Because right after that happened, the American colonies suffered greatly under much poverty. Prior to that moment, there were no poor people living in the streets, as there had been in large numbers in London as elsewhere in Great Britain.

        For my money, the Rothschilds, and their cadre of fellow travellers ought be rounded up and charged with treason, along with fraud, sedition, and conspiracy to commit murder.

      • For my money, the Rothschilds, and their cadre of fellow travellers ought be rounded up and charged with treason, along with fraud, sedition, and conspiracy to commit murder.

        That seems a perfectly reasonable suggestion to me. How can it be right to enslave people into a system, from birth? Is it apathy or is it a feeling of dismepowerment that holds the status quo in place?

      • “Is it apathy or is it a feeling of dismepowerment that holds the status quo in place?”

        Neither. All the more it is total ignorance of the matter. But that ignorance is fostered at every level of government, from the citizen on up, such that not even the idiots who’ve been elected to ‘represent’ their constituents know the truth of the matter.

        That matter of economics is made so thoroughly complicated that not even most economists fully comprehend the essence of the matter, but that’s intentional. When you get a few mathematicians together in one room, and they conspire to construct a charade built upon deception, what you get are several theories posited which are ~supposed~ to describe how systems of economics operate.

        But you see? That’s all a cover for what’s really being done in plain sight, and it’s so obvious that everyone totally overlooks what’s actually going on, because what they ~think~ they see —a complicated set of constructs— is nothing more than the worst kind of deception, and so they concentrate upon those instead of the underlying deceit, hoping to solve the deception.

        Everyone —economists included— are given to trying to figure out how to make the ‘system’ work better, but because of the intentional complexity built into the mathematical construct, they never quite achieve what it is they are after. And so they play endless math games, plugging-in values here, and there, trying to make it all work just so. But it never does.

        Allow me this neat explanation: At its most basic essence, the whole idea of the Rothschild formula is quite simple: How to confuse everyone, and keep them that way. That’s the ploy: Using a con so successfully that no one questions it.

        The whole of it is based upon greed, ignorance, and easy ‘credit.’ Many people are willing to ‘sell their souls’ for easy credit in order to acquire, and sell those souls they do when the bill collector comes a-knocking. The banker cares about just one thing: The eleventh marble.

        Of course there’s that aspect of specie (currency) versus real money (precious metals). There’s only so much of the precious metals around, and that makes them worth something.

        Specie may be printed endlessly, and as long as it ‘spends,’ almost nobody is going to be asking any questions.

        Now I don’t know that you already know all of this, but I state it just to be clear.

        From my own point of view, all specie should be national in nature only, i.e., not spendable outside the realm. Every country would have its own specie, backed in one way or another by precious metals. Portability of wealth would be by those precious metals only, minted with a guarantee of purity and weight agreed upon internationally.

        Further, anyone (a citizen) found to be engaged in counterfeiting, or attempting to trade that currency would be charged with treason, and any foreign national found to have done the same would be charged with making war against the realm, and appropriate action(s) undertaken.

        If specie is spendable ONLY inside the realm, then those matters of inflation, or deflation would have affect in the realm only, and no place else. Surely, it would be worth less to the citizenry if there were too much, but ONLY when exchanging it for metals.

        And of course, each nation would have certain constitutionally mandated limits on the amount of specie allowed in circulation at any time, such as to control inflation, and deflation.

        Such a scheme, I believe, would be a benefit to everyone, everywhere.

      • I previously believed that politicians were innocent participants in a controlled system. However, this does not explain the fact that all UK MPs have been contacted with regard to the Bradbury Pound and yet not one has responded. Likewise, representatives all over the world remain stumm on the topic of aerial spraying, they don’t investigate but contend it is not happening. At a certain level they are complicit, although in the case of the latter I believe they are bound by official secrets acts to remain silent.

        However, with sufficient publicity, interest in the Bradbury could take off and this is a very simple way to wake the public up to the situation.

      • It might interest you to know —if you don’t know already— that many (dare I say most?) politicians, and political appointees are compromised people. By that I mean that they have a hidden past which is used to control them. Surely there are the truly honest ones, but they are few. And, they go along to get along, else they soon find themselves out of office, either through being exposed, or by not getting support to stay in office. The message? Vote as you’re told, or else.

        And of course there’s that very lucrative compensation they’re being paid …
        The cost of doing nothing and getting paid for it is all that’s required.

        The fact that the Bradbury Pound keeps getting ignored by all the members of the Parliament should tell you something about who is controlling whom.

        If the Rothschilds (or anyone else) weren’t able to exert any power, would it not have made perfect sense for the Parliament —by this time— to have very seriously evaluated the benefits of a debt-free specie versus one that creates massive and virtually un-payable debt?

        There are very determined vested interests who pull all of the strings, and woe betide unto anyone not toeing the line!

        The very bottom line there is just this: Your Parliament doesn’t belong to you, and it has not been yours for a very, very long time. It is, for all intents and purposes ‘bought, sold, and owned.’

        After due consideration, it really is too bad that Guy Fawkes didn’t succeed in his quest.

      • It is clear that politicians are controlled. In the Isle of Man we have our own longstanding parliament full of independent members. However, there is no discernible difference in results, which leaves us to draw the conclusion that they also have their strings pulled.

  2. Now, in that matter of ‘chemtrails,’ the very same cadre of insiders are the ones pushing that scheme as well.

    Here’s a website at which you might take a peek: http://www.theweatherspace.com
    When you get there, look for the second row menu titled: HAARP Status Network
    Under that on the drop-down menu, select the ‘HAARPStatus Europe’

    I’ve been following this for some time, right along with comparing the weather effects associated with the chemtrails.

    Here’s what I’ve found: Every time there has been arial spraying, that’s almost always followed-up by directed HAARP energy focused on that region, which results cloud dissipation.

    The HAARP directed energy is also used to deflect, or direct the Jet Streams such as to affect the weather locally, by either preventing the Jet Streams from moving weather over a region, or by redirecting it over some other place.

    You’ll also need access to a good satellite weather site which shows hourly visible, infrared, and water vapour content so that you may make a good comparison between the directed energy levels, and the resulting weather effects.

    All of this, you see, should be shared with as many people as possible such that the truth becomes widely known. If you’re going to attempt to stop what’s being done, then you need to get as many people as informed as you might.

    If you talk to just two people, and they each talk to two more people, and so on, the net effect becomes exponential.

    • Will check out the link, which appears interesting. I am already attempting to raise awareness. A previous comment suggests taking further action. IOM DEFA has admitted that chemtrails are not monitored because it is felt they don’t exist. However, it is perhaps worth stepping up the pressure.

      • “IOM DEFA has admitted that chemtrails are not monitored because it is felt they don’t exist.”

        Well, if the ‘don’t exist,’ then ask them how it is that there are innumerable photographs of them.



        And remember to inform them that normal contrail (condensation trails) last for not longer than about 5 minutes, depending upon the local atmospheric temperature at altitude, and dissipate rather quickly thereafter. Further, a normal contrail does NOT spread across MILES of sky, lingering for many hours at a time, if not actually days.

        Oh, and one other thing: Chemtrails DO NOT show up as ‘moisture’ in water vapour satellite pictures.

        I have pictures of both visible and water vapour satellite photos where chemtrails have been lain, and there is a marked difference between them!

      • Many thanks for the info. Will take a look. It seems thatthe topic of spraying is being kept out of public view Under the guise of Black Ops, Official Secrets and patented products. This can’t be allowed to continue.

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