The Protecting Children Board has

  • no legal status and therefore cannot be registered with Data Protection.
  • Nevertheless, it incorrectly claims to be endorsed by the Data Protection Supervisor’s office.
  • The Board makes no distinction between ‘need’ and ‘protection’ resulting in 670 over-referrals! Yes, 670 families unnecessarily subjected to humiliating and worrying prying into family affairs right here in the Isle of Man.
  • Families were referred because of low-income! How about that for social engineering?

The bottom line is that government has happily decided to continue with a very questionable situation. Tynwald, for reasons best known to members, decided to reject the Commission’s recommendations, which addressed the above issues and preferred to permit the department to continue with a system that is neither legal nor efficient.

Can you imagine the pain and anguish the over-referrals cause? These cases are not followed up but initial referral and inquiry could cause enormous stress within a family unit. How does that feel to be referred because your finances are being questioned? Something you may well have little control over. Sickness, redundancy, low hourly wage could all contribute to a family being categorised as ‘low income’. Is this reason to investigate the family? The unspoken threat is that the children might be removed. Ask any family which has had experience of unnecessary investigation how worrying this is.

However, it seems that government has not got a leg to stand on as it continues to operate this non-statutory system. Indeed, IOM Gov could face endless court cases if it does nothing to change the situation. Is Mr Robertshaw powerless to change things or does he not wish to?

Please read the excellent letter in today’s Examiner, from which I have extracted the above details, for a clear insight into this murky affair.


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