It is my contention that geoengineering is being practised above our heads – without our consent. I suspect that this is being carried out under the term ‘trials’. Furthermore, I am convinced that geoengineering is having severely negative effects on our weather (excessive rain and low temperatures) and that this in turn is affecting agriculture and general health.

Worse still, while eco criminals are wilfully spraying the earth with toxins, metals and various other substances which are damaging to humans and wildlife, these vile people are then claiming that the orchestrated effect on our climate is due to ‘climate change’.

It seems to me that governments are well aware of this and are even assisting the perpetrators. Indeed, we have to ask how this crime is financed. It seems a reasonable assumption that we are paying for this in some form or other.

A denial from Phil Gawne or from environmental departments in any country would be very welcome. However, I forecast that this will not happen. The government carries out no investigation into aerosol spraying – so how could government issue any reliable statement on this topic?

Our children, our health and our food supplies are all at risk. Does government care?



      • What would you suggest? When challlenged, Phil Gawne has stated that there is no evidence of geoengineering, however, he also admits that the government cannot guarantee that we are not being sprayed. Governments all over the world are using similar stonewalling techniques. Supposedly, these are merely contrails! More and more are becoming aware of this issue and more evidence is being revealed. Do you have photographic evidence? This would be useful. Suggestions welcome.

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