Do you remember May a few years ago? Trees heavy with blossom. Hillsides covered in a haze of bluebells. Longer, warmer evenings? The feeling that summer is just around the corner.

What do we have these days? Cold, dark, wet days mopre reminiscent of March than May. The present situation is echoed in other countries too. We have bees dying of cold. We turn our heating up to counteract the unseasonable cold and ensure we are well-wrapped up to brave the weather. People are presently going around with fleecy hats in May! I have never seen this before.

So what could be the cause of all this? Geoengineering. Our climate is not changing – it is being changed. At the cost of our environment, our health, our food and our future. Bees die of cold and these idiots are still bleating on about increasing temperatures! Where, for heaven’s sake? We are witnessing steadily decreasing temperatures in my neck of the woods. It is so cold we need the heating on in May – which of course uses fossil fuel.

The global outcry is that aerosol spraying is being carried out while governments stonewall any questions on this topic. Coincidentally, we experience dimming, cooling and weather change. The effects of geoengineering are ruining our planet – and guess what – making it difficult for growers. Coincidentally, Monsanto has GM seeds that will withstand these issues. How convenient.

We must take action against the criminals that are carrying out these attacks on us – contravening our Human Rights. Nonconsensual experimentation on humans is an obvious contravention.


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