So while we are being asked to tighten our belts, while jobs disappear and austerity measures are pursued it seems that government can happily write off hundreds of thousands of pounds and more. The Department of Tourism and Leisure mishandled TT-related contracts. Noteably, but not only, with Signature. This was ‘not unique’ just one of a number of mishandled contracts! Furthermore, there were 50 different versions of the contract, with at least 150 changes made. Oops – DTL even omitted to sign contracts, it seems.

Is it not just a little unfair to pay huge salaries to officers who are not held to account when things go wrong, while the public is expected to accept further cuts with little insight into what goes on?

Just how many government departments operate under these kind of circumstances? How would we know? We are serfs, remember. Keep paying up and don’t ask questions.


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