To quote the present political buzz phrase: Let’s get this clear. The Isle of Man, Where You Can, is supporting the Poker Stars sponsored effort to send two winning contestants to silicone valley to attend the Singularity University. All expenses paid.

What is the Singularity University all about? Well it boasts that it is about Change Agents and giving the students Tools of Disruption to take home. (Please see previous post).

And what exactly is meant by the term ‘singularity’? This is the brain-child of Ray Kurzweil, the founder. It seems that this enterprise is about bringing transhumanism to the masses. Now if you are aware of this term you might be just a little disconcerted by this entire proposal. Could this make the human race redundant? Where is the room for spirituality in a bionic creation? This is a much-debated topic.

More on transhumanism to follow.


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