As I gaze into the garden it’s depressing to see how the bush which is usually a riot of exploding purple-blue blossom, hiding all the leaves, is struggling to produce a few spots of colour here and there. Inside the house the stove is helping to combat the chilly feel to things and there is no way I will be hunting out the summer clothes at the moment. David Cretney is reporting hailstones in St Johns as I write.

Retailers must also be hard hit by the lack of barbecue and sunbathing weather. This is the coldest spring since 1979! That is straight from the horse’s mouth. The Met Office reported this last night. Meanwhile NASA tell us that CO2 cools the atmosphere.

(NaturalNews) Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false, according to new data compiled by NASA’s Langley Research Center. As it turns out, all those atmospheric greenhouse gases that Al Gore and all the other global warming hoaxers have long claimed are overheating and destroying our planet are actually cooling it, based on the latest evidence.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040448_solar_radiation_global_warming_debunked.html#ixzz2U6V65ILb

And after all former NASA scientists have expressed their real concern about the CO2 theoty in the past:

If warming is isolated then it is not global. Which might explain why the predicted 50,000,000 climate refugees did not materialise in 2010?


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