I’m not one for ‘isms’ but I can’t deny that I am a follower of individualism. Over the past few days the lack of individualism in daily life has become particularly clear to me. Prompted by conversations I have had and articles I have read over the weekend it has become plain to me that this is one ‘ism’ I can really warm to.

We receive our daily propaganda and negative reports under the guise of ‘news’. Despite the fact that there are innumerable positive stories around (I’m thinking of acts of kindness and – yes – rebellion) we receive only the ‘news’ that has been approved by editors. The message? Be scared. Be scared of terrorism, be scared of crashing financial markets etc etc. While we line up to be screened and scrutinised prior to take off in case one of us might be inclined towards sliiping some semtex into our suitcase. millions die of such things as hunger yet few hear their voices. In comparison to many we are very fortunate. Why not celebrate our good fortune while doing our best to ensure that the power wielders are kept in check?

Above all, let’s retain our individualism and let’s not be too easily swayed by those with a power agenda. Turning us into obedient slaves is a fairly easy process. Just keep serving up the propaganda, tell us we are in imminent danger of terrorist attacks and use this as a reason to restrict personal freedom and withhold information. Ensure that the education system produces many obedient and mentally malleable youths and success is almost guaranteed. Ensure that we are constantly told how to think and discourage discourse by declaring non-believers to have committed thought crime and you are well on your way to creating a slave race.

The answer? Well a good start is becoming an individual. Don’t accept the straightjacket of pc propaganda. Question what you are told and feel at liberty to reject something on gut feeling. Liberate yourself. Be brave enough to be different. What a wonderful feeling in these Orwellian times. It is so easy to comply with the constraints of society and it is undoubtedly a challenge to reject the norm. Yet how liberating it can be!

I’m off to express my individuality for a spell. I shall blog when the muse takes me – or when I need to let off steam about yet another ‘accepted truth’. It is my intention to combine what I enjoy doing most of all with other pleasurable (and legal) pursuits. I’ll be checking in from time to time. Enjoy TT, keep safe on the roads and be an individual. Say ‘yes’ to individualism. If we don’t we might lose the option.


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