Thank goodness for holidays.The more I compare life in Germany to the present situation in the UK the more the UK’s intended downfall becomes apparent. Below are just a few instances where we presently differ from our German neighbours:

Take drones for instance, despite huge investments in these aircraft it has now been brought to public attention that their deployment would be in contravention of a clause in the German constitution. Let us hope no get-out clauses are found there.

A mainstream television programme this evening gave us the lowdown on prescribing psychopharmaceuticals for children. Highlighting the side effects and the ever-increasing profits for Big Pharma. We were left in no doubt about the downside to the American drive to achieve compliant children by drugging them in large numbers (my description). Ever-increasing amounts of children on drugs is neither necessary nor desirable. Is it likely that the BBC would permit such a programme?

Further encouraging news is that fracking is still on hold.

It gets better. Manners are still considered a positive attribute and there is little evidence of the declining standards evident in the UK. Oh yes – there is a distinct lack of wall to wall CCTV coverage too. Isn’t it amazing how the place hasn’t been overrun by crime and criminals?

Healthy food is also valued more than on the other side of the channel.

So why are we plummeting towards a totalitarian systenm with maximum state interference? Because we allow it to happen.

Life can be different if we can be bothered to try to uphold standards and refuse to accept the nanny state. This is a breath of fresh air to me.

PS To German friends: Nowhere is perfect and you seem to be way ahead of us in recognising totalitarian tendencies and taking action. However, you are a long way away from the extent of social decline and state interference we have in GB.


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