Mrs Beecroft is posing exactly the question that came to mind following the response to questions about the reporting of sudden and unexpected deaths:

Pursuant to his response to Written Question 30. on 11th June 2013 whether
the change in criteria for reporting sudden or unexpected deaths indicates
that the figures given for previous years could be understated?

Mr Quirk is to ask the following:

Whether the blocks used for the regeneration areas around the Island are
suitable; and which contractor is being used in Douglas to put these in place?

Many have asked if we really needed to use granite blocks for the regeneration project. ‘Wouldn’t tarmac be sufficient?’ Some have enquired. How about small concrete paving slabs as a compromise? After all a workforce in Ramsey has already found it necessary to temporarily remove some of the slabs. Is it easier to access pipework etc by removing and replacing granite slabs? Perhaps. Or will future road works have a detrimental effect on the presently pristine paving?

Granite is not exactly bargain basement material. Did someone, somewhere invest in granite slabs before the expensive material was imported? Perish the thought.



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