Information overload! Thanks to all the wonderful people who constantly produce informative videos, illuminating links and powerful photographic evidence of geoengineering. FB friends never cease to amaze me. Painstaking research produces ever increasing and convincing evidence of climate crimes. Thank you all.

Dane Wigington’s latest video provides damning evidence of criminal activities resulting in devastating damage to the environment and wildlife. Insanity prevails, it seems. We are trying to save the planet by using aircraft (carbon footprint?) to spray us all with metals and toxins? Does that make sense to you? Certain areas of the US have been so heavily sprayed that the appalling effects of this cannot be ignored. Does this vandalism concern you?

The climate has been changed and our planet is suffering. Please take the time to view the above video and to read the following document:

It is criminal to change the climate by killing wildlife and permanently damaging the environment. Please help save the planet and come along to the Geoengineering Awareness Day on 25th August. 2pm at the Jubilee Clock. You really can help save the planet.


2 comments on “CLIMATE CHANGED

    • You are being harassed by persons unknown? My first research was out of curiosity but when things were tampered with and phones tapped etc that only drove me to activism. Why were they trying to stop me? ‘Nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ they tell us.

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