How were the over-intrusive and costly practices in the Social Care department introduced? That is surely the burning question.

We were assured the database would not happen as it was against public wishes (1), but then discover (2) that costly ‘new working practices’ have been introduced and that the department has actually been following the (discredited) Every Child Matters procedures (3) and the predicted over-referrals have indeed materialised.

  1. Children Bill will not proceed, says Minister – Education and Children Press Release http://www.gov.im/Infocentre/ViewNews.gov?page=lib/news/education/childrenbillwill.xml&menuid=10160
  2. https://freeasthysweetmountainair.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/yet-another-case-of-adopting-uk-measures-without-consent/
  3. https://freeasthysweetmountainair.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/we-pay-dearly-for-family-over-referrals/

What part of ‘we don’t want it’? do our ‘representatives’ not understand? The assurances were probably not quite what they appeared to be, however. It comes down to semantics:

A DRAFT Children Bill will not proceed in its present form after more than three quarters of those who responded to a public consultation exercise came down against it.

The question of who instigated this remains unanswered.. Remember it is our money that has been spent on a system which was rejected by the public consultation. Ministers past and present are fudging here. How did it happen? We need measures in place to prevent this ever happening again.


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