So there we have it. While we are constantly chided about our carbon footprint and reminded how we are the cause of global warming, these guys conveniently forget to mention that they have been polluting the earth for decades. All harmless stuff of course! Just like fluoride and asbestos and DDT and all the other materials which we have been assured are harmless. Above all – who gives these guys the right to decide who will have rain, deluge or drought? This is what the sky trails are all about. What we observe is geoengineering in progress. The biggest elephant in the room.

The Biggest Elephant in the Room

A look at last night’s presentation:

Wilful Blindness – Margaret Heffernan gives us a fascinating insight into human nature and how people would prefer to turn a blind eye to the elephant in the room:

What does aerial spraying look like? The following time lapse video provides an insight into how the spraying is carried out and the appearance of atmospheric spraying. Please note these are  NOT normal contrails. I lived under a flight path and contrails never, ever lingered and spread out. They disappeared in minutes:

So that was Vancouver. Do we see this in the Isle of Man? Look up. I can supply many more images:

036 066 033050

Why are they doing this? Cloud seeding has been going on for decades. Geoengineering methods aka as Solar Radiation Management and Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, amongst other terms, are also in use. In parts of the US the public is paying for this with a surcharge on utility bills:

Wouldn’t the meteorologists notice something? Only those who can think for themselves. Scott Stevens also has the courage to speak out:

Still sceptical? Well, even NASA talks about the chemtrails they use. It seems an awful lot of people are able to mess about with the sky.

Must watch. Dane Wigington, with a background in renewable energy, was stunned to discover that his solar array in California was not producing enough upload. Not enough sun in the sunshine state? His investigations showed why this is. He has put his life on hold to get this message out. This video pulls it all together. The damage to the planet is appalling and ongoing. And now they seek approval to come out of the closet and really go for it:

Comments welcome, but denials won’t do. We know we are being sprayed. We know that cloud seeding and the associated disastrous results have been going on for decades. We know that the Isle of Man skies have changed. Denials are meaningless. We need transparency. My belief is that those in the know are requested to sign the Official Secrets Act. The US makes references to climate change being a ‘security threat’. We need to know why certain flights leave lingering trails. Who gives these people the permission to spray us? Did you?

Oh and by the way: The former Premier of British Columbia does have the courage to speak out:



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