Hands up those who do not give a hoot about the planet! Of course any sane person is keen to protect the environment. However, we know that some are quite insanely spraying the stratosphere with toxins – not a word of this in press releases about the IPCC report fiasco. The report does refer to a 95% certainty that climate change is primarily man-made. I would go along with that. Just look at the sky and the trails of pollution being laid, day in day out. According to those who have researched this topic we are being sprayed with toxins such as aluminium sulphate, barium etc. These things are not bio-degradable. Does that make sense to you?

Why do we continue to discuss AGW (man-made global warming) while ignoring the huge elephant in the room? Do you really think they are unaware of it? Hardly. Many, many countries are happily engaged in weather modification programmes. The fact that this has a knock-on effect on other countries is also ignored. I was not aware of this at the time but when I heard of the horrendous droughts in the US in 2012, while we suffered torrential downpours, I did wonder if manipulating the weather can negatively impact others. It seems it can and it could even be used as a weapon of war.

But then these guys have never been in favour of transparency. Be it the secret emails bemoaning lack of temperature rise or the 50,000,000 climate refugees predicted by 2010 (they then attempted to hide this report) 

those involved in climate predictions have a knack for appearing to specialise in inaccuracies and concealment. The concealment of the present weather modification practices is surely an indication that they are being much less than honest about the true situation. And as for the comment that record temperatures were reached even though the overall trend showed no warming  – this seems to give credence to reports of geoengineering shredding the ozone. When the sun does get through, it really burns:

Do you buy into the stories peddled by those backed by big budgets and who fear redundancy if they cannot produce proof of climate change? Or do you truly care about the future of the planet and are willing to help us expose what is really going on?

Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet? Northern Lights Community Centre, Ramsey. 2nd October 2013 at 7.30 pm




Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet?

Are Scientists Playing God?

  • Unusual weather patterns
  • Off the charts increase in chronic respiratory disease
  • Are you aware of the fact that there are massive global weather modification programs that are not being reported by the media?
  • Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer, altering weather patterns, polluting our air, waters, and soils.

Why is this question stonewalled by governments worldwide?

How can we effectively engage in dialogue?

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DEFA has no evidence of geoengineering? It is merely a theoretical practice? This is what they would have us believe. Government employees (in other words, our employees) have even suggested that conspiracy theorists discuss this under the name of ‘chemtrails’. Get the picture? If you pursue this line of questioning you could be considered a weirdo.

Are our servants simply not up to date on things or are they willfully blind? You see there is an abundance of evidence to show how these programmes are going on all over the world (but most especially in NATO countries, it would appear). Weather manipulation would appear to be big, big business.


The WWF in Switzerland backpedalled on adverts suggesting that geoengineering could be the answer to climate issues after some negative publicity. (See top left).

And Monka Griefahn, co-founder of Greenpeace Germany and former member of the German parliament as well as one-time Minister of the Environment for Lower Saxony, confirmed way back in 2004 that geoengineering experiments were being carried out:

Hardly a theory then? So it is surely time that our employees (IOM plc, remember?) begin to take our inquiries seriously instead of dismissing queries as unproven. Furthermore. how can we be expected to put our faith in what we are told about climate change when these programmes have been ongoing for many years in various parts of the earth? This has to be having a major effect on weather and climate and we hear not a word from those in the know.

There will be a presentation about geoengineering in Ramsey in the coming week. Further information on this topic is essential. Will post further details as soon as they are available.


While the British are content to accept the picture of a kindly and caring octogenarian presented by the UK meida, it seems it takes other countries to look more closely at David Attenborough’s seeming Malthusian intentions. Harsh words? This is a deadly topic.

…Sir David Attenborough, stated in the Radio Times on 21st January that  “We are a plague for the earth.” If this was aimed at the oligarchs of the British Empire one could only agree. But for him ‘we’ stands for ‘we people’. Sir David says, ‘We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now,” he told the Radio Times.

As many newspapers reported, Sir David concentrated his argument on Ethiopia. We keep putting on programmes about famine in Ethiopia; that’s what’s happening. Too many people there. They can’t support themselves — and it’s not an inhuman thing to say.

Sir David, Commander of the British Empire, a leading member of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), an organisation created in 1991 which is in favour of the elimination of 3 – 5 billion people by 2050. OPT works closely alongside Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and ‘partners’ the Global Footprint Network. The organisations work together to produce a biennial report entitled Living Planet.

Attenborough, who describes himself as a naturalist,  is a close friend of Prince Philip..On 10.3. 2011 he received the annual prize of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts (RSA) from Prince Philip, the RSA president. At the presentation he stated: We now realise that the disasters that continue increasingly to afflict the natural world have one element that connects them all – the unprecedented increase in the number of human beings on the planet,’ he added.

Perhaps you attributed the known lack of economic growth to the unbridled financial speculation in the past decades and the brutal, worldwide pursuit of chaos and conflict politics by the British
Empire. But no, states Sir David, it is population growth that is responsible for this. For those who still retain their sense for economic reality this theory is as wrong as it was in Thomas Malthus’ time.

No doubt Attenborough would support the revealing statement reported by the Deutsche Press Agentur by Prince Philip in August 1988: In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.

As the topic of supposed overpopulation is shared by many leading representatives of international organisations and their green followers, whose influence has resulted in important industrial and infrastructural projects being torpedoed, developing countries find themselves in a desolate situation. If man would concentrate on the development and advancement of countries, instead of constantly starting new wars, it would easily be possible to afford ten billion people a decent standard of living using the technical know-how available today.

The above is a rough translation taken from



Mention weather manipulation, aircraft that take part in programmes to spray the earth with particulates, visible spraying, weather warfare etc. and you are likely to be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. Result? Those who believe the above to be true are frequently silenced (who wants to be ridiculed?) and the subject is dropped. Why is this? After all this entire programme is hidden in plain sight.

A Discovery Science video mentions all of the above. It also contains a look at HAARP (check out the header photo on this site).  The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is supposedly just that – a research programme. However, we have frequently been told that HAARP can manipulate and move the jet stream by heating up the ionosphere. The documentary includes the statement that while the US insists that HAARP is purely about research we would not be informed of anything to the contrary as information about this programme is classified!

Unseasonal weather is frequently blamed on jet stream displacement. Those with an enquiring mind have queried why the jet stream has moved. Has it moved or has it been moved? Many view HAARP as being distant and having little effect on the UK. However, displacement of the jet stream obviously does affect us and recent weather occurrences may even have been caused by arrays nearer to home.

Prior to the bizarre snowfall experienced on the island this year, where it appeared a cut-off point had been neatly drawn in a vertical line over the island, a number of residents on the east coast of the Isle of Man had noticed strange, distant noises at regular intervals. So regular that they could be timed to the second. Those who heard it were insistent that the nature and duration of the noise ruled out fracking-related activities. Could this have been associated with the HAARP programme? Some felt this was indeed the case. But would this sound carry across the Atlantic? It seems it could have been generated from a much closer point. There is a mini HAARP array near to Aberystwyth in Wales:

The US has stated the intention to own the weather by 2025. This capability has to be researched, experimented and refined – it will not suddenly happen in 2025. In other words this has to be ongoing activity and it is high time that governments investigate or come clean on what is happening right over our heads.




One thing I noticed while doing this research and looking at scientists involved was the density of the linkages with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. So I investigated further and thought it’s really quite astonishing the extent to which many, if not most, prominent scientific researchers in geoengineering in the U.S. worked at Livermore or have close links with people there now or those who used to work there.

Then when I read Hugh Gusterson’s book on Livermore and it’s role in the cold war and nuclear weapons development, ….. I think it’s quite alarming in its implications. ……. we do know that people in the military and related strategic communities are starting to think about geoengineering and what it would mean for international relations and conflict.

The above is taken from an interview with  Clive Hamilton author of Earthmasters, which takes a look at the topic of geoengineering. Sadly, the book does not appear to touch on the ongoing aerial spraying which has been cited as a cause of climate change. It is that elephant in the room again. However, the dangers of this practice are evident.:

Joe Romm, for one, likens geoengineering to a dangerous course of chemotherapy and radiation to treat a condition curable through diet and exercise — or, in this case, emissions reduction.

Residents of Maui, Hawaii, are so concerned about the deterioration in local fruit and vegetable harvests, which appears to correlate with the extreme aerial spraying in this area, that they are drafting ‘Clear sky’ legislation:

NaturalNews) The mainstream news media has been quietly releasing an increasing number of stories these days that openly admit the existence of geo-engineering programs, including accounts of various chemical and particle release programs similar to the “chemtrail” operations that those dubbed as conspiracy theorists have been warning the public about for years.

Consider this recent report in Scientific American, for instance, which speaks openly about plans in the UK for an advanced new device that will pump toxins in the atmosphere to promote atmospheric “cooling.” The article references how the new design is much more efficient and less expensive than “launch[ing] thousands of high-altitude aircraft” to do the same task (…).

There is a plethora of additional information and reports out there as well that confirm the existence of geo-engineering and chemtrail programs, many of which have been shown to already be in use, not to mention thousands of eyewitness reports and independent particle tests.

So in response, Michael J. Murphy, co-producer of the documentary What in the World Are They Spraying?, and a large and growing group of concerned citizens in Maui, Hawaii, have created a county ordinance by which they hope to put an end to this environmental terrorism.

If you have yet to see Murphy’s film for yourself, be sure to watch this 11-minute trailer to gain some further insight into the geo-engineering agenda:!

In a recent press release, Murphy explains that he and his team, with the help of a growing base of concerned citizens, are working to pass The Clean Sky Ordinance, a law that will ban any and all geo-engineering and chemtrail programs from taking place in the skies above Maui County.

The ordinance, which is currently being sponsored by several public officials and council members in the area, prohibits the release of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere without informed consent from the people of Maui County.

You can watch a video that highlights the birth of the ordinance here:

Murphy is also encouraging citizens of counties across the US to craft similar legislation, and work to get it passed in their own areas as well.

To learn more about how to fight illegal geo-engineering in your community, visit:


Thank goodness we managed to prevent our government from using chemical weapons on the island population. You didn’t know how narrowly you escaped this plan? Well, thanks to the opposition to the proposal to add toxin to our drinking water islanders were spared this atrocious violation of our rights. If Eddie Teare had successfully pursued his objective you and I would have had chemical weapons in our household water supply. We are talking Sodium Fluoride.

Of course it was being sold to us as the answer to caries. The proposal emanated from a member of the Fluoridation Society who just happened to be a member of the Public Health Directorate. The protagonists presented all the material that is churned out to the public whenever there is an attempt to add toxins (chemical weapons) to the public water supply. This proposal, which you and I would  have been paying for, never made any sense. To avoid revisiting the ins and outs of the whole senseless proposal again let us simply state that the bottom line is that fluoride must be applied topically. It has to be applied to the teeth. If ingested it can be compared to drinking suntan lotion. Why would you then want to ingest a toxin? And why did Mr Teare refuse to discuss the issue with constituents, preferring to pass all fluoride correspondence to the very person who had proposed fluoridation? At a requisition meeting prior to the last election he stated that his action was based on the recommendation from the Public Health Directorate! It seems this is the way some of our senior politicians behave. Disengage the brain and do as directed?

Thankfully, others had their heads screwed on and the public prevented the chemical weapon from being added to our water supply. You didn’t know it was a chemical weapon? Well, mainstream media refers to sodium fluoride, supplied to Syria, as a chemical weapon.

Mike Adams provides a further look at fluoridation and how, apparently, an accepted water additive has been hyped up to the level of chemical weapon in an attempt to justify an attack on Syria.