Thank goodness we managed to prevent our government from using chemical weapons on the island population. You didn’t know how narrowly you escaped this plan? Well, thanks to the opposition to the proposal to add toxin to our drinking water islanders were spared this atrocious violation of our rights. If Eddie Teare had successfully pursued his objective you and I would have had chemical weapons in our household water supply. We are talking Sodium Fluoride.

Of course it was being sold to us as the answer to caries. The proposal emanated from a member of the Fluoridation Society who just happened to be a member of the Public Health Directorate. The protagonists presented all the material that is churned out to the public whenever there is an attempt to add toxins (chemical weapons) to the public water supply. This proposal, which you and I would  have been paying for, never made any sense. To avoid revisiting the ins and outs of the whole senseless proposal again let us simply state that the bottom line is that fluoride must be applied topically. It has to be applied to the teeth. If ingested it can be compared to drinking suntan lotion. Why would you then want to ingest a toxin? And why did Mr Teare refuse to discuss the issue with constituents, preferring to pass all fluoride correspondence to the very person who had proposed fluoridation? At a requisition meeting prior to the last election he stated that his action was based on the recommendation from the Public Health Directorate! It seems this is the way some of our senior politicians behave. Disengage the brain and do as directed?

Thankfully, others had their heads screwed on and the public prevented the chemical weapon from being added to our water supply. You didn’t know it was a chemical weapon? Well, mainstream media refers to sodium fluoride, supplied to Syria, as a chemical weapon.

Mike Adams provides a further look at fluoridation and how, apparently, an accepted water additive has been hyped up to the level of chemical weapon in an attempt to justify an attack on Syria.



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