DEFA has no evidence of geoengineering? It is merely a theoretical practice? This is what they would have us believe. Government employees (in other words, our employees) have even suggested that conspiracy theorists discuss this under the name of ‘chemtrails’. Get the picture? If you pursue this line of questioning you could be considered a weirdo.

Are our servants simply not up to date on things or are they willfully blind? You see there is an abundance of evidence to show how these programmes are going on all over the world (but most especially in NATO countries, it would appear). Weather manipulation would appear to be big, big business.


The WWF in Switzerland backpedalled on adverts suggesting that geoengineering could be the answer to climate issues after some negative publicity. (See top left).

And Monka Griefahn, co-founder of Greenpeace Germany and former member of the German parliament as well as one-time Minister of the Environment for Lower Saxony, confirmed way back in 2004 that geoengineering experiments were being carried out:

Hardly a theory then? So it is surely time that our employees (IOM plc, remember?) begin to take our inquiries seriously instead of dismissing queries as unproven. Furthermore. how can we be expected to put our faith in what we are told about climate change when these programmes have been ongoing for many years in various parts of the earth? This has to be having a major effect on weather and climate and we hear not a word from those in the know.

There will be a presentation about geoengineering in Ramsey in the coming week. Further information on this topic is essential. Will post further details as soon as they are available.



  1. Keeps the body shops happy when accidents occur because of the aerial dispersion. Real good stuff to breath in. Off to the doctors to get a script. Or off to the Hospital we go. Very sick, people that like doing this stuff. Amazing how much of a whiz bang these money hungry people are. Just like shooting yourself in the foot. Can’t take all that wealth to the grave. Amazes me to no end. If people were really concerned about this then they would do some research on the implications of this Crime against humanity. It certainly is a brilliant way to get the Mass Dumbed down. After all that is what we are.

    A Dumbed Down Society

    Nobody real gives a rip’s asssss

    So it seems

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