Hands up those who do not give a hoot about the planet! Of course any sane person is keen to protect the environment. However, we know that some are quite insanely spraying the stratosphere with toxins – not a word of this in press releases about the IPCC report fiasco. The report does refer to a 95% certainty that climate change is primarily man-made. I would go along with that. Just look at the sky and the trails of pollution being laid, day in day out. According to those who have researched this topic we are being sprayed with toxins such as aluminium sulphate, barium etc. These things are not bio-degradable. Does that make sense to you?

Why do we continue to discuss AGW (man-made global warming) while ignoring the huge elephant in the room? Do you really think they are unaware of it? Hardly. Many, many countries are happily engaged in weather modification programmes. The fact that this has a knock-on effect on other countries is also ignored. I was not aware of this at the time but when I heard of the horrendous droughts in the US in 2012, while we suffered torrential downpours, I did wonder if manipulating the weather can negatively impact others. It seems it can and it could even be used as a weapon of war.

But then these guys have never been in favour of transparency. Be it the secret emails bemoaning lack of temperature rise or the 50,000,000 climate refugees predicted by 2010 (they then attempted to hide this report) 

those involved in climate predictions have a knack for appearing to specialise in inaccuracies and concealment. The concealment of the present weather modification practices is surely an indication that they are being much less than honest about the true situation. And as for the comment that record temperatures were reached even though the overall trend showed no warming  – this seems to give credence to reports of geoengineering shredding the ozone. When the sun does get through, it really burns:

Do you buy into the stories peddled by those backed by big budgets and who fear redundancy if they cannot produce proof of climate change? Or do you truly care about the future of the planet and are willing to help us expose what is really going on?

Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet? Northern Lights Community Centre, Ramsey. 2nd October 2013 at 7.30 pm


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