Hardly surprising that September was the dullest for twenty years. There’s certainly been enough geoengineering going on and Solar Radiation Management is all about reflecting the sun away from the earth. Just one problem with that  – we need the sun to obtain vitamin D. It’s essential for a healthy immune system. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. Sunlight is an essential part of life on earth. When are we going to come to our senses and put a stop to this madness?

The UN has already decided that the earth can no longer be saved by CO2 reduction measures.  The answer is geoengineering. That would be the same geoengineering that appears to be the cause of the problem? Does it make sense to you? Well, it would if you were making a killing out of spraying the planet.

Isn’t it simply amazing how all these organisations constantly remind us of how we are the problem. Yet, how many mention that geoengineering, practised for decades, has been affecting weather all over the world. This is a huge business. Companies are playing God with the weather, without so much as a by-your-leave from the rest of us. Some may benefit from rainfall  – but this creates drought for others. And sadly the entire earth appears to be struggling to deal with the planetary pollution perpetrated by the climate vandals. How can we hold any sort of discussion on this topic when we know that on a daily basis thousands of aircraft are polluting the sky with aerosol spraying, which the IPCC, the UN, FoE, the Greens etc etc conveniently forget to add into the equation.

Legalised geoengineering would surely be the beginning of the end. The message seems to be that we should accept any number of restrictions to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the daily commute and a couple of holidays a year while the big guys can pollute the planet, rip up the ozone and cause global warming with impunity.

If you really care about the planet please help to raise awareness of the Biggest Elephant in the Climate Change Room. We have some allies but we need to work hard to bring some common sense into this debate and to get the word out to the public.


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