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There is abundant evidence of weather intervention by both the military and governments. ‘You control the weather, you control the planet’ states Scott Stevens, former TV weatherman.

Historically, there are numerous references to implementation of and experimentation with weather control methods. A well-known example of this is the US military rainmaking practices in Vietnam in the 60s. There is also evidence pointing ro the RAF having experimented with rainmaking in the 1950s. Were they responsible for the fatal floods in Lynmouth in 1952?

Things have moved on since then and many countries worldwide participate in weather modification methods. However, geoengineering is a controversial practice to say the least:

We can assume that weather is a lucrative business as Monsanto, infamously connected with Agent Orange, has announced that it is buying The Climate Corporation for around $930,000,000.

Who knew betting on the weather could make a billion dollars? It just did for The Climate Corporation, which underwrites weather insurance for farmers. Monsanto broke the news this morning that it was buying Climate for approximately $930 million.

Now if Monsanto could acquire a geoengineering company. …Do you see where this could lead? It is both unacceptable and highly risky to turn a blind eye to geoengineering. Answers must be demanded.


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