The most recent farming report on Manx Radio contained references to trees not being in the best of health. Quite aside from the various species-specific viruses which are causing some problems at present it seems that trees in general are not looking very happy or healthy. This comment emanates from those who observe nature on a daily basis and whose observations should surely be given some credence.

What could be the cause of this deterioration in previously sound trees? Back to the elephant in the room, it seems. No one mentions the fact that our ‘sweet mountain air’ is under constant attack from aircraft which spray particles into the air. What is contained in the spray? Well, as no research is carried out into the blatant pollution from aircraft it is impossible to state with certainty. However, any kind of spraying or pollution surely demands immediate and effective investigation.

Some US states have been victims of this spraying for some years and the effects on vegetation have been devastating. As ecologist Dane Wigington reports, the spraying around Shasta County has resulted in damage to the immune system of trees and vegetation, leaving them to fall prey to opportunistic infectious disease. Furthermore, the damage which is being caused to the ozone by the relentless spraying results in less UV protection, which we have surely all noticed. When the sun gets through, it really burns.

While the words ‘climate change’  are on every politician’s lips, we hear nothing about aerial pollution. Why do those who profess to care for our environment prefer to ignore the obvious?

I wonder why Monsanto would want to develop GM trees?


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