Well, well. The Examiner letter page reveals how little tolerance abounds on the island. The recent March Against Monsanto seems to have prompted outrage from some apparently ill-informed individuals. Unfortunately, the writer of last week’s contribution did not feel inclined to declare his/her interest in the matter. Of one thing we can be sure  –  this peaceful awareness action backed up by sound reasoning and argumentation must have touched a nerve somewhere. A welcome and well-informed response to the biased correspondence was published in this week’s Examiner. Thank goodness we still have some semblance of free-speech and balance.

However, if Ffinlo Costain (Friends of the Earth) has his way the letters page would become a very biased affair. While some advocate killing Anthropogenic Climate Change ‘deniers’

it seems that Mr Costain would at least like to silence those who do not adhere to the dogma. He suggests that IOM Newspapers should follow the LA Times decision to refrain from printing letters written by those with a different view on this topic. End of discussion? Whatever spin FC wants to put on this it is undeniably an attempted attack on free speech and demonstrates a wish to introduce censorship and gagging in the local press.

Interestingly, Mr Costain shows no interest in investigating the ongoing aerial pollution and climate manipulation.


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