Amazingly, many people prefer to live in a fantasy world where the powers-that-be do the plebs and serfs no harm. However, we all know that our true welfare is far from uppermost in the minds of those in control and while they continue to pretend how much they care about us by providing us with vaccines and GM crops this ostensible concern for our welfare is simply a sham.

Those who have discarded the rose-tinted spectacles know that geoengineering is much favoured by those who profess to be concerned for our well-being. While ceaselessly warning us about impending climate doom and hence a need for a rethink on our way of life they blithely continue to meddle with the weather and the climate. However, their climate manipulation practices always seem to slip their memories when they are lecturing us about our carbon dioxide-producing habits.

With this in mind (and also because many of my posts on Facebook seem to have disappeared) I present for your perusal evidence of geoengineering being carried out in various locations:



Or of course if this link has been swiftly removed then there are other sources of evidence:


	Emery Water Conservancy District, P.O. Box 998, Castle Dale, Utah
84513 intends to conduct weather modification programs in Utah to
increase precipitation. The area in which the effects are intended to
occur are in the higher elevation snowpack accumulation regions in
portions of Eastern Sanpete and Western Carbon and Emery Counties. The
operations may be conducted during portions of the period from
December 1, 2013 to April 15, 2014. Weather modification operations
will be conducted using automated liquid propane dispensers.

	Persons interested in this permit application should contact the Utah
Division of Water Resources; 1594 West North Temple, Box 146201, Salt
Lake City, UT 84114-6201; telephone (801) 538-7269

Emery Water Conservancy District
Jay Mark Humphrey
P.O. Box 998
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Published in the Emery County Progresss September 17, 24 and October
1, 2013.

San Louis, Santa Barbara County

Commission on Weather Modification – try page 10 if you just want to dip in

Further intent of modification notice – California,%202011.pdf


Rogue geoengineering operations have occurred, such as a recent ocean seeding project done by a wealthy businessman off of the coast of British Columbia. Nations have formally recognized the need to govern such activities, and that harm may be done to nations by other nations, corporations, or individuals with the resources to pursue these schemes. Possible technologies to achieve effective “Solar Radiation Management,” have been the subject of academic research and conferences, along with cost estimates for the global implementation of such a project. It turns out that it is relatively inexpensive to implement, although the health and environmental impacts could be devastating

Statutes exist

International law:

International law

Get yourself a permit and spray away?

The above is just a taster. Fact: there are weather modification statutes. Fact: permits can be applied for. Fact: weather Modification is real and ongoing. Yet representatives of the Isle of Man Government seem to think it is simply a theory. Maybe this explains why members of the general public are aware of what is going on but government sees no reason to investigate! Perhaps we should let them know that spraying is an accepted practice. Unfortunately, someone omitted to ask us if we accept it.

Whether or not you like the contents of this post and my angle on climate change I cannot change the facts. The climate has been and continues to be manipulated. Yet no one includes this fact (including the aircraft emissions) in the climate change scare stories. Furthermore, the protagonists of the man-made climate change theory wish to prevent others from introducing a more factual look at things. Do you still believe everything you are being told?




North American Weather Consultants, 8180 South Highland Dr., Suite B-2, Sandy, Utah 84093, a contractor licensed by the Utah Division of Water Resources, intends to conduct weather modification programs in Utah to increase precipitation with the following potential sponsors: Utah Water Resources Development Corporation (representing Beaver, Emery, Garfield, Iron, Juab, Millard, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Tooele, Washington and Wayne Counties), Box Elder and Cache Counties, the Bear River Water Conservancy District, Provo River Water Users Association, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Duchesne County Water Conservancy District, Uintah Water Conservancy District, Central Utah Water Conservancy District and Alta and Snowbird ski areas. The areas in which the effects are intended to occur are in the mountainous portions of Washington, eastern Iron, eastern Beaver, eastern Millard, eastern Juab, eastern Tooele, eastern Utah, eastern Salt Lake, eastern Davis, eastern Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, Cache, western Rich, Summit, northern Duchesne, northern Uintah, southern Daggett, Wasatch, western Carbon, Sanpete, western Emery, Sevier, Piute, western Wayne, western Garfield, northwest Kane, San Juan, and southern Grand Counties. The operations may be conducted during portions of the period from October 15, 2012 to May 31, 2013. Weather modification operations will be conducted using ground based, silver iodide nuclei generators. Limited aircraft seeding may be conducted for research purposes.

Persons interested in this permit application should contact the Utah Division of Water Resources: 1594 West North Temple, P.O. Box 146201, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114, telephone (801) 707-8820.

Don A. Griffith, CCM President
8180 South Highland Dr., Suite B-2 Sandy, Utah 84093

In plain sight. These public notices appear in US newspapers etc. However, we all know what a yawn they can be. Just ignore them and get down to the skeet? This lack of response is quite usual but it seems that the government department in question is actually compelled to ensure that the promised action is implemented, according to Clint Richardson, writer and researcher. In other words, if we do not object then the action must be carried out.

To put it simply: Government requires informed consent in order to implement plans.How is consent obtained? Public Notices are a crucial part of the process. If a Public Notice has been published we have, technically, been informed. If we then do not register our non-consent government is compelled to carry out the proposed action. This seems to the case in the USA at any rate.

Clint Richardson’s article contains a wealth of information and the author makes a plausible case for taking another look at our methods of protesting about geoengineering. It seems that letters to representatives, blogs, social media comments etc will achieve little.. We have to communicate with government in ‘government-speak’. Pleas, begging, remonstration are all of little use. Our only effective course of action is to formally withdraw consent, we are advised.

The writer goes on to inform us that such terms as ‘research purposes’ can cover a multitude of malevolent intentions and while these matters may appear well-regulated at first glance, the permitted exceptions included actually appear to permit carte blanche possibilities to those in control.

Section 7. Precipitation caused by authorized project not presumed to constitute trespass or nuisance.

The mere dissemination of materials and substances into the atmosphere or causing precipitation pursuant to an authorized cloud-seeding project shall not give rise to any presumption that such use of the atmosphere or lands constitutes trespass or involves an actionable or enjoinable public or private nuisance.

Note that this is why just speaking, holding up a sign, signing a petition, or yelling from the top of your lungs to stop spraying our skies is never and never will be enough to halt the spraying, as we can read here. Government counts on the public’s lack of legal knowledge and power to withdraw consent in order to function against the wishes of the still-consenting-without-realizing-it protesters.

Clint Richardson.

The article provides further evidence of weather modification and  underlines the fact that this form of climate intervention is both common and long-established. Clint Richardson includes references to the negative effects of widespread silver iodide spraying, the weather warfare possibilities and the huge number of patented aluminium-resistant seeds Monsanto has developed.  We are urged to take action, as individuals, to register our non-consent rather than waste our energies on further protests.

So have we ignored IOM Government Public Notices regarding weather modification? I somehow cannot believe that this is the case. Has the IOM Government agreed to passively permit known parties to spray the island? If government does not register lack of consent can this be construed as informed consent? This is where we need more research and information.

The references to conversing with government in an appropriate manner have a ring of truth for me. Government is surely not obliged to take notice of letters of protest. However, a carefully-worded document clearly defining our non-consent submitted to the appropriate government department is a more direct and forthright approach, which might well be the path to take.

Whatever our course of action – and perhaps this should be a combination of awareness raising, protest, research and registering non-consent – we can now be in no doubt that weather manipulation has been ongoing for decades. It seems that the planet has finally had enough of things and the perpetrators cannot keep things under wraps any longer. N.B. WE are NOT to blame. Those who implement and consent to these programmes are the climate change culprits. It seems likely that an effective method of putting an end to geoengineering could be a refusal to discuss any further mention of climate change unless the data referred to contains all details of past and present global geoengineering projects. I suspect we would then hear the sound of silence.



(Spot the geoengineering over Ramsey)

Short recap:

We have a massive amount of photographic evidence of aerial spraying taking place over the Isle of Man. Enquiries directed to DEFA are met with the statement that they have no evidence of this/ are not aware of spraying. Cloud seeding and geoengineering are purely theoretical possibilities not in use, we are assured. Go back to sleep.

However, those who have attended the geoengineering presentations in Douglas and Ramsey and have been following this blog will know that both cloud seeding and geoengineering have been in use for some time in various parts of the world. Cloud seeding dates back to the late 1940s and was also used in the Vietnam war. Please credit the general public with a little intelligence! Bearing the denials in mind I wonder then how DEFA would explain the following warning from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control:

“If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.”

Solar Radiation Management  (SRM) is the practice of spraying reflective particles into the air in an effort to reduce the level of sunshine reaching the earth. The particulate matter contains such things as aluminium, barium and other metals which are not biodegradable – let alone nature-friendly. Districts which have been sprayed for a number of years are experiencing noticeable negative effects on natural vegetation and, not surprisingly, a lack of uptake of solar energy! Add to this the resultant warming from cloud cover, combined with the devastating effect of these minerals on the ozone layer and you have a recipe for global climate disaster.

Has anyone even asked the general public whether they wish to be sprayed with toxic metals and whether they would be happy to replace present vegetation with aluminium-resistant GM varieties? Has there been any open discussion of the efficacy of these procedures and the long-term effect on climate and wildlife? Of course not! They are too busy denying that it is happening. Plants require sunshine for photosynthesis, humans require sunshine to produce vitamin D – essential for immune system function. Where is the sense in any of this?

“While the entire community of academia still pretends not to know about the ongoing reality of global geoengineering,” comments Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch, “the simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the latest IPCC report indicates that the veil is beginning to lift.”

Were reason to prevail, we would capture solar energy, not block it; we would shun fossil fuels, not wage ecocidal wars to seize remaining supplies. In today’s world, however, policymakers have diverted billions of dollars into blocking the sun. Efficient systems cost around $10 billion a year, “well within the budgets of most countries,” notes the IRGC.(International Risk Governance Council)

It is obviously happening right in front of our eyes and it would seem that those in the know are effectively lying to us by refusing to engage in dialogue and ridiculing those who question why we are being subjected to such quantities of obvious aerial pollution.

Those of the man-made climate change brigade are preparing their next step, which is to try and persuade us all that climate change is so real and so dangerous that we should agree to let them spray the sky. However, they omit to mention that this is exactly what has been going on for decades and that they have shredded the ozone, resulting in lack of UV protection for the planet.

The planet has been covertly climate engineered (I will spare you the HAARP and military weather wars connection in this blog post – that is yet another pertinent aspect of this abomination) and they are now trying to convince us that we should let them continue their pursuit of killing the planet, which would permit them to step things up a notch or three. So forget the mea culpa for now. Those controlling these programmes are the ones who should be asking forgiveness. Demand answers.


This interview below reveals details about geoengineering which have only very recently been disclosed. The insane who collude in this mass planet pollution are trying to drastically increase the spraying  – bye bye  natural wildlife and vegetation. Not to worry though they already have the alternatives lined up. Silent forests of GM trees, shunned by all forms of wildlife, which know a con when they see one.

Stop this insanity. Tell your local ecologists, environmental politicians etc that there is no way that further discussion of emission reductions can be considered until geoengineering is acknowledged by governments and openly discussed. They pollute the planet on a daily basis, creating further emissions in the process but tell us we must change our ways? How dumb do they think we are?

Please take action.


Dark nights encourage us to snuggle down on the sofa in front of a warming stove and with a supply of comfort food at hand we may reach for the TV remote control. Sounds pretty harmless. Do we really know what information we are receiving? News sources are controlled – that information comes straight from a World Bank whistleblower:

But beyond the propaganda and brain washing there may be an invisible threat to our well-being. The Lilly Wave can piggy back other frequencies. In other words this mind manipulating frequency is not detectable but can be used alongside a news programme for example. The propaganda plays out while another frequency which could affect our consciousness is being received at the same time. This is not science fiction.

Solution? Avoid mainstream ‘news’ sermons and be sure to focus on retaining and strengthening your positive vibrations: