Amazingly, many people prefer to live in a fantasy world where the powers-that-be do the plebs and serfs no harm. However, we all know that our true welfare is far from uppermost in the minds of those in control and while they continue to pretend how much they care about us by providing us with vaccines and GM crops this ostensible concern for our welfare is simply a sham.

Those who have discarded the rose-tinted spectacles know that geoengineering is much favoured by those who profess to be concerned for our well-being. While ceaselessly warning us about impending climate doom and hence a need for a rethink on our way of life they blithely continue to meddle with the weather and the climate. However, their climate manipulation practices always seem to slip their memories when they are lecturing us about our carbon dioxide-producing habits.

With this in mind (and also because many of my posts on Facebook seem to have disappeared) I present for your perusal evidence of geoengineering being carried out in various locations:



Or of course if this link has been swiftly removed then there are other sources of evidence:


	Emery Water Conservancy District, P.O. Box 998, Castle Dale, Utah
84513 intends to conduct weather modification programs in Utah to
increase precipitation. The area in which the effects are intended to
occur are in the higher elevation snowpack accumulation regions in
portions of Eastern Sanpete and Western Carbon and Emery Counties. The
operations may be conducted during portions of the period from
December 1, 2013 to April 15, 2014. Weather modification operations
will be conducted using automated liquid propane dispensers.

	Persons interested in this permit application should contact the Utah
Division of Water Resources; 1594 West North Temple, Box 146201, Salt
Lake City, UT 84114-6201; telephone (801) 538-7269

Emery Water Conservancy District
Jay Mark Humphrey
P.O. Box 998
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Published in the Emery County Progresss September 17, 24 and October
1, 2013.

San Louis, Santa Barbara County

Commission on Weather Modification – try page 10 if you just want to dip in

Further intent of modification notice – California,%202011.pdf


Rogue geoengineering operations have occurred, such as a recent ocean seeding project done by a wealthy businessman off of the coast of British Columbia. Nations have formally recognized the need to govern such activities, and that harm may be done to nations by other nations, corporations, or individuals with the resources to pursue these schemes. Possible technologies to achieve effective “Solar Radiation Management,” have been the subject of academic research and conferences, along with cost estimates for the global implementation of such a project. It turns out that it is relatively inexpensive to implement, although the health and environmental impacts could be devastating

Statutes exist

International law:

International law

Get yourself a permit and spray away?

The above is just a taster. Fact: there are weather modification statutes. Fact: permits can be applied for. Fact: weather Modification is real and ongoing. Yet representatives of the Isle of Man Government seem to think it is simply a theory. Maybe this explains why members of the general public are aware of what is going on but government sees no reason to investigate! Perhaps we should let them know that spraying is an accepted practice. Unfortunately, someone omitted to ask us if we accept it.

Whether or not you like the contents of this post and my angle on climate change I cannot change the facts. The climate has been and continues to be manipulated. Yet no one includes this fact (including the aircraft emissions) in the climate change scare stories. Furthermore, the protagonists of the man-made climate change theory wish to prevent others from introducing a more factual look at things. Do you still believe everything you are being told?


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