While Friends of the Earth seem unable to acknowledge the evidence of current geoengineering activities – details easily found in the internet and on this blog – those of us who have serious concerns about the effect of aerial spraying on the environment and on our health wonder why such organisations are so reluctant to investigate this obvious and severe pollution.

Werner Altnickel was an activist with German Greenpeace for many years. Having decided that the activist antics popular with Greenpeace members would change little he began developing photo-voltaic solar panels, for which he received a German Solar Prize. Werner Altnickel also demonstrated that he had been able to achieve 90% regenerated energy with the use of these panels in northern Germany.

Remarkably, Greenpeace in Germany showed no interest in his work and once he began to research geoengineering and HAARP he was ejected from Greenpeace. Once again we note that an organisation which claims to be working towards protecting the planet has no interest in research into massive aerial pollution which can affect every form of life on earth. How strange is that?

In a You Tube video (unfortunately available only in German) Altnickel spills the beans about the climate change myth and goes on to explain that damage was caused to the ozone at a point in time when both the US and Russia were experimenting with the ionosphere. He states that rather than admit what happened we were told it was our fault for using aerosol sprays.

Bravo Werner for saying it like it is.


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