Dane Wigington, ecologist, stopped giving his presentations about the benefits of solar energy when he realised that what he was telling people simply was not true. The aerial spraying had already had devastating effects on his own solar array. How could he recommend solar energy to others? His search for the cause of the problem first alerted him to geoengineering and now his talks contain very different material and information.

He tells us that if geoengineering had not been carried out for around the last five decades the planet would be in much better shape and he goes on to say that those responsible have no right to carry this out. Furthermore, there is no regulation, no oversight and no consensus. He calls it ‘The greatest crime in human history.’ and goes on to mention those who are in full knowledge of these programmes but who are too fearful to become whistleblowers.

This is undoubtedly a crime and those who have been informed about it and prefer to play games rather take action, for which they would be thanked by all normal people, need to ask themselves if their actions are morally correct. They are aware that a crime against humanity and the planet is being carried out and they do nothing to prevent it.

Do you have any understanding for this?


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