The IPCC has a lot to say, it seems. Often quoted. Always accepted as best science (although we know that weather modification programmes have not been accounted for in their reports and forecasts). These guys wield enormous power. If members do end up advocating geoengineering i.e. spraying the planet and everything on it in a sustained attack, then we would assume that those in charge of this lunatic ‘solution’ to ‘man-made’ climate change must be of the highest calibre.The elite.The creme de la creme. They would have to be, wouldn’t they? Otherwise inexperienced people would be deciding the fate of the planet and all that dwell here.

So how qualified are members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Well it seems that a number of members are former Greenpeace activists, while others have very close contacts to the WWF.. Nothing wrong with that, but these are hardly unbiased individuals. There is even mention of established quotas for the selection of certain minorities, which have to be observed. Surely the main criteria in selection of members for these posts must be knowledge, experience and objectivity. Is this the case? They decide our fate.The discussion about the IPCC, decades of weather modification programmes and the effect of these on the climate has to be opened up and not accepted at face value.


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