Things are hotting up on the chemtrail front. A member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany has written a blog post about the use of chemtrails which appears on the SPD site.

A rough translation follows:

The Destruction of the heavens by ‘chemtrails’

It sounds like an incredible horror-fantasy, and yet the latest revelations confirm that aircraft spray a dangerous aluminium mixture in the skies, In the framework of a US project. This also happens in Europe. The resulting chemical emissions supposedly cool the earth’s atmosphere and iron out the ozone issues. The side-effect: unknown damage to health and the environment.


The official climate research assumes that, simply put, because of the massive use of fossil fuel in the past 150 years the escape of warmth from the earth into outer space is being seriously hampered.. The prevented heat exchange leads to a world wide temperature increase, which has now taken on alarming proportions. The warming effect will ultimately bring the entire planet to a tipping point. Initially, the poles will melt. This will be followed by global drought, the extinction of many species and ultimately in 20 – 50 years time man will be unable to survive. In an attempt to counteract this development two Japanese scientists recommend that metal oxide (aluminium oxide and barium salts are being used) be dispersed in the stratosphere, changing heat into infra red waves which can be released in outer space. This would achieve the desired cooling effect.

The chemicals are obviously being sprayed unobtrusively into the condensation trails via the wings or the fins. The first trials were carried out by mixing the chemicals into the fuel. Because of technical problems even scheduled flight aircraft now have tanks on board to spray the air. Using this method it is possible to reverse the increasing climate warming (greenhouse effect) at very little cost – around a billion euros a year.

Effects on health

:In the USA where chemtrails are an open secret the following symptoms have been increasingly reported in statistics from sprayed areas.

  • Spontaneous nosebleeds from intensive spraying, breathing difficulties, headaches, balance problems and chronic fatigue
  • increased incidence of flu epidemics, asthma, eye infections and short term memory problems

Who profits from this?

Calculations show that global warming could be reduced by up to 85%. That would allow fossil fuel emissions to double within the next 50 years. This plan would permit the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry and military industry to profit from these measures. The Kyoto agreement, to drastically reduce CO2 emissions .by 2020, would not need to be ratified as the CO2 emissions would not present a problem. The US Air Force has stated a desire to own the weather by 2025. Reports of strange but fleeting weather situations in Kosovo in 1999 as well as in South Korea point to the successful use of military weather weaponry.

At what price?

Denis Kucinich (who has been a presidential candidate twice in the past) openly stated in 2003 in Santa Cruz, that chemtrails exist. According to Chris Harderer’s book (page 13) Kucinich, as a  high ranking politician who would have access to information regarding this topic, must be in the know.

Video counter 2:17 Preservation Act

Kucinich mentioned the term ‘chemtrails’ in this Congress presentation and makes references to an exotic weapon system. His attempts to introduce measures to control the implementation of chemtrails were rejected.

I have to ask myself why all the members I have mentioned this to block this topic and behave as if everything is perfectly all right. In a period of more than ten years why has no newspaper carried reports of experts’ opinions of the  ongoing crimes being carried out in the sky above?

The press is in fact censored:

What is the Copenhagen Climate Summit secret?

I believe every attentive reader of these blogs knows the answer already..

Don’t party members have children and grandchildren? Let’s assume we are talking about chaff, glass fibre splinters, (which is the least harmful of imaginable scenarios) are not good for the interstitial lung.

I expect an end to the dumbing down and a careful investigation


manxasthehills: Sadly, this makes sense to me. I have noticed a scratchy feeling in my upper airways when I spend any length of time outdoors. At present I am recovering from a virus and notice that coughing spasms also produce this painful scratchiness – nothing at all like normal congestion discomfort. I have commented that it feels like tiny glass particles. That was long before I read this article. There are simply too many coincidences and way too many in the know who do not have the courage to speak up. Is it classified? Were they compelled to sign the Official Secrets Act? If aerial spraying is endangering us all then there is a moral obligation to speak out.


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