cropped chemtrail

Christmas Morn. Sitting gazing out of the window, enjoying the peace and quiet, the last thing on my mind was the thought that pilots sometimes have to fly on Christmas Day. However, the cloudless blue sky was soon to change. An aircraft flew over, leaving a thick white trail. It was obvious that a portion of this white trail was separating and sinking to the ground – just like contrails would eh? (It was clearly visible that a portion of the plume was ‘running’ down – like water colour on wet paper) In a short time the sky had become now-standard murky.

It seems unlikely that this is chaff:

Also called window. Military . strips of metal foil dropped by an aircraft to confuse enemy radar by creating false blips.

Although the observation that heavy spraying is happening predominantly in NATO member countries does leave us to ponder whether the much-hyped threat of terrorism etc has provided an excuse to spray member countries. This would explain gagging. Those in the know telling themselves that their silence is for the common good, no doubt.

To what extent such spraying is regulated is obviously impossible to assess. What exactly is the composition of the particulate matter? Just a regular top-up of aluminium? We are assured that this is harmless for species and the environment. Really? It never fails to amaze me how the media blithely report phenomenal increases in certain illnesses without pursuing the question of why the incidence has increased. Alzheimers immediately comes to mind. Aluminium is known to be connected with the development of this disease. It appears to have reached epidemic proportions in recent years. Yet no one asks ‘why’.

Is it possible that the Open Skies policy permits more than we are aware of?

The coming year is a chance to take part in doing our bit to open up this topic for general discussion and to demand accountability from politicians. It is ludicrous that we are seemingly bound hand and foot by Health and Safety regulations at times – it’s all to keep us nice and safe they tell us – yet we are sprayed liberally with unknown substances, without our consent. Just supposing we could prove that someone was spraying us with toxins  – with tacit consent from the powers-that-be? I hope governments have sufficient liability insurance.

Awareness actions to increase in 2014. Please take part and help to protect the planet and ourselves from toxic attacks.


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