It is encouraging to discover that the BBC’s German counterpart is a little more inclined to offer some balance in the climate change arena. While British mainstream media seem to adhere to the IPCC dogma ARD has given airtime to a different slant on things.

Professor Bjorn Lambay, a Danish ex-member of Greenpeace was convinced by IPCC apocalyptic claims. However, when his research revealed another side to things he felt this must be investigated and taken into cosideration. The IPCC ignored him and a member has since compared him to Hitler.

Richard Tol, a climate scientist, has also been shunned by the IPCC despite his prolific production of papers on this topic. He claims that the IPCC is prone to a biased interpretation of data. Toll is concerned that climate politics are dangerous when policies are based on over-reaction.

Bernd Metz, feels that IPCC revelations are based on partial truth.

Climate science affects us all and it is our right that all top scientists are given a fair hearing, states the newsreader. Hear, hear!

If German mainstream is reporting bias then it seems fair to say that there there is a transparency issue in the climate change debate.






Is Geoengineering Damaging

 Forests and Human Health?

Engineer the Climate and Kill the Planet?


  • Unusual weather patterns
  • Forests falling prey to disease
  • Off the charts increase in chronic respiratory disease
  • Massive global weather modification programs that are not being reported by the media.
  • Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer, altering the weather patterns, polluting our air, waters, and soils.


Why is this topic stonewalled by governments worldwide?

How can we effectively engage in dialogue?


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In face of the devastating blow to island forests – one fifth to be felled – it is difficult to understand why DEFA and island ecologists are not clamouring for an investigation of aerial pollution, which has been reported by various members of the public. To the best of my knowledge the island has not suffered such a blow before. But then neither has the island ever been subjected to this level of aerial pollution.

Bearing in mind that both the US and the UK governments have been party to spraying the public in the past it is surely naiive to reassure ourselves that ‘they’ could not possibly be undertaking clandestine spraying operations. The public has been subjected to a number of experiments in the past which our oh so respectable and responsible governenments did not bother to inform us about.

Further evidence of covert spraying activity is provided in the following article from the Japan Times

It seems that the US tested biological weapons in Okinawa in the 1960s. There are also references to actions carried out in Puerto Rico, Hawaaii, Utah and Taiwan. These were prior to the international convention on biological weapons in 1975. The agent used in the paddie fields was a rice blast fungus, which can wipe out huge amounts of rice.

Am I suggesting that the NATO countries are engaging in the use of biological weapons? I would suggest that they may be unknowingly engaging in this if they are acquiescent to covert aerial spraying of forests and all forms of life. After all, it is usually public observation and scrutiny which reveals that materials may be toxic e.g. DDT, asbestos, nicotine etc.

If well-intentioned people are permitting aerial spraying, geoengineering etc without informing the public, then they are accomplices to this crime. Because if extreme secrecy is being observed then how do we know what is being sprayed? How can we determine the long term effects of the nanoparticulates? How do we know that the materials being used are subjected to the utmost scrutiny to ensure that no other matter is contained in the toxic brew? Either by accident or design.

If certain politicians and members of the powers-that-be consider themselves to be infallible and unanswerable for their decisions then the above risks are real possibilities and if the visual evidence is proven to be valid the public will be unforgiving of these actions carried out for the ‘common good.’


We knew it had to come, didn’t we? Any extreme weather nowadays attracts comments from politicians and ecologists claiming that climate change, or global warming is to blame. Which prompts the question: Where is the warming? And if the answer is that this is confined to certain areas  – then it is not global, folks.

Those of us who have been around the block a few times know that weather events happen. And they were happening long before the CO2 theory arrived on the scene. But nowadays it seems that the weather is governed entirely by global warming – oops  – shouldn’t that be climate change since there is no warming? (That may explain the change of terminology in recent years).

But if many countries around the world are involved in weather modification – long term weather modification is obviously climate manipulation – then shouldn’t we be focusing on these activities in particular? Frequently, this is passed off as a little bit of harmless cloud seeding. There is never a mention of the fact that this impacts neighbouring areas, countries etc.

What about large areas of weather modification and climate manipulation? To what extent might we be affected by those meddling with precipitation or much larger weather events? HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) in Alaska is capable of heating the ionosphere and thus moving the jet stream, which has dramatic effects on our weather. (There are now similar antennae arrays in many countries, including a mini array in Wales).However, HAARP capabilities go way beyond this. In the following video physicists, a HAARP programme manager, HAARP Public Relations Officer and many others help us to gain a much greater insight into what HAARP is all about. A biophysicist claims that

They don’t know what they are dealing with. They are dealing with the planet’s electrical system.

You are guaranteed tol find new information in this excellent video (link below) and I suspect it will leave unanswered questions as well. How do we obtain answers? Non-compliance. Counter every scare story regarding man-made climate change and CO2 reductions with a demand for information about man-made weather supplied by HAARP. It is ludicrous to bow to demands from those who have little understanding of the topic and who simply parrot what they are told when there is a huge, ginormous elephant in the room. HAARP.



What is HAARP all about? A document referring to HAARP, LOIS and LOFAR ( in German but with a good selection of photographs) touches on the concerns of the EU Parliament’s subcommittee on Security and Disarmament in 1998. NATO and the US declined the invitation to send representatives to attend the sitting.

Officially, HAARP is an American civil and military research programme which uses high frequency electro magnetic waves to explore the upper atmosphere (mainly the ionosphere). Research is primarily concerned with the behaviour of radio waves.The remote HAARP array northeast of Gakona in Alaska is under the control of the USAF and US Navy.

However, there are other possible uses for this technology. For instance, in 2005 Der Spiegel briefly reported that the United States Air Force had succeeded in creating artificial northern lights. Leaving some to wonder what else could be achieved with the use of this technology. The artificial warming of the northern hemisphere? Melting the North Pole? Or could this even be used to affect the human pscyche? These are questions posed in the PDF published by Alpenparlament. Could this explain why reports of mind control are so rife in Sweden?

The document reveals that LOIS, a new HAARP system, covers all of southern Sweden. LOIS is the biggest HAARP system in the world and is connected with the Lofar system in central Europe and Icecat in the north. Very few are aware of this system. LOIS extends over southern Sweden where thousands of powerful antenna have been connected together. HAARP systems, we are told, always have a military background.

The Swedish government has ‘let’ a large part of northern Sweden to NATO to enable the testing of the new EMV (Earth Military Vehicle) weapon system there. LOIS could have other applications, such as mind control, although this is not mentioned in official documents.

However, the largest Very Low Frequency/ Extremely Low Frequency transmission array is based in Exmouth, Australia. Officially described as a marine transmission base, this collection of 13 marine transmitters, each over 300 metres in height, are easily recognisable on the picture on page 12. The explanation that these are used for submarine radio contact is not really credible as this does not normally demand a huge array of these proportions.

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Drama queens are not dangerous, we are told. We should simply be clear about what is fact and what is drama. Donna Laframboise, an investigative journalist (now there’s a dying trade) puts things into perspective on the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change front. She also recalls the panics and dramas we have been exposed to in the past such as acid rain, global cooling, population explosion etc etc. To this I would add the 50,000.000 climate refugees forecast for 2010, the complete disappearance of arctic ice in 2013 etc. The attempts to silence ‘deniers’ makes it pretty clear to me that there is a debate to be had on the accuracy of these predictions.

The apparent lack of scientific basis at the heart of all this is bad enough. The fact that those who do not question matters (including politicians, ecologists etc) is of real concern. But by far the most worrying aspect of all this poor science is the fact that the scaremongers are trying to impose punitive measures upon the entire human race based on highly questionable grounds.

(Further three parts of this interview are supplied as links below)