Drama queens are not dangerous, we are told. We should simply be clear about what is fact and what is drama. Donna Laframboise, an investigative journalist (now there’s a dying trade) puts things into perspective on the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change front. She also recalls the panics and dramas we have been exposed to in the past such as acid rain, global cooling, population explosion etc etc. To this I would add the 50,000.000 climate refugees forecast for 2010, the complete disappearance of arctic ice in 2013 etc. The attempts to silence ‘deniers’ makes it pretty clear to me that there is a debate to be had on the accuracy of these predictions.

The apparent lack of scientific basis at the heart of all this is bad enough. The fact that those who do not question matters (including politicians, ecologists etc) is of real concern. But by far the most worrying aspect of all this poor science is the fact that the scaremongers are trying to impose punitive measures upon the entire human race based on highly questionable grounds.

(Further three parts of this interview are supplied as links below)





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