What is HAARP all about? A document referring to HAARP, LOIS and LOFAR ( in German but with a good selection of photographs) touches on the concerns of the EU Parliament’s subcommittee on Security and Disarmament in 1998. NATO and the US declined the invitation to send representatives to attend the sitting.

Officially, HAARP is an American civil and military research programme which uses high frequency electro magnetic waves to explore the upper atmosphere (mainly the ionosphere). Research is primarily concerned with the behaviour of radio waves.The remote HAARP array northeast of Gakona in Alaska is under the control of the USAF and US Navy.

However, there are other possible uses for this technology. For instance, in 2005 Der Spiegel briefly reported that the United States Air Force had succeeded in creating artificial northern lights. Leaving some to wonder what else could be achieved with the use of this technology. The artificial warming of the northern hemisphere? Melting the North Pole? Or could this even be used to affect the human pscyche? These are questions posed in the PDF published by Alpenparlament.  http://www.alpenparlament.com/images/pdf/2013/HAARP_LOIS_ALPENPARLAMENT.pdf Could this explain why reports of mind control are so rife in Sweden?

The document reveals that LOIS, a new HAARP system, covers all of southern Sweden. LOIS is the biggest HAARP system in the world and is connected with the Lofar system in central Europe and Icecat in the north. Very few are aware of this system. LOIS extends over southern Sweden where thousands of powerful antenna have been connected together. HAARP systems, we are told, always have a military background.

The Swedish government has ‘let’ a large part of northern Sweden to NATO to enable the testing of the new EMV (Earth Military Vehicle) weapon system there. LOIS could have other applications, such as mind control, although this is not mentioned in official documents.

However, the largest Very Low Frequency/ Extremely Low Frequency transmission array is based in Exmouth, Australia. Officially described as a marine transmission base, this collection of 13 marine transmitters, each over 300 metres in height, are easily recognisable on the picture on page 12. The explanation that these are used for submarine radio contact is not really credible as this does not normally demand a huge array of these proportions.

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