We knew it had to come, didn’t we? Any extreme weather nowadays attracts comments from politicians and ecologists claiming that climate change, or global warming is to blame. Which prompts the question: Where is the warming? And if the answer is that this is confined to certain areas  – then it is not global, folks.

Those of us who have been around the block a few times know that weather events happen. And they were happening long before the CO2 theory arrived on the scene. But nowadays it seems that the weather is governed entirely by global warming – oops  – shouldn’t that be climate change since there is no warming? (That may explain the change of terminology in recent years).

But if many countries around the world are involved in weather modification – long term weather modification is obviously climate manipulation – then shouldn’t we be focusing on these activities in particular? Frequently, this is passed off as a little bit of harmless cloud seeding. There is never a mention of the fact that this impacts neighbouring areas, countries etc.

What about large areas of weather modification and climate manipulation? To what extent might we be affected by those meddling with precipitation or much larger weather events? HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) in Alaska is capable of heating the ionosphere and thus moving the jet stream, which has dramatic effects on our weather. (There are now similar antennae arrays in many countries, including a mini array in Wales).However, HAARP capabilities go way beyond this. In the following video physicists, a HAARP programme manager, HAARP Public Relations Officer and many others help us to gain a much greater insight into what HAARP is all about. A biophysicist claims that

They don’t know what they are dealing with. They are dealing with the planet’s electrical system.

You are guaranteed tol find new information in this excellent video (link below) and I suspect it will leave unanswered questions as well. How do we obtain answers? Non-compliance. Counter every scare story regarding man-made climate change and CO2 reductions with a demand for information about man-made weather supplied by HAARP. It is ludicrous to bow to demands from those who have little understanding of the topic and who simply parrot what they are told when there is a huge, ginormous elephant in the room. HAARP.


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