In face of the devastating blow to island forests – one fifth to be felled – it is difficult to understand why DEFA and island ecologists are not clamouring for an investigation of aerial pollution, which has been reported by various members of the public. To the best of my knowledge the island has not suffered such a blow before. But then neither has the island ever been subjected to this level of aerial pollution.

Bearing in mind that both the US and the UK governments have been party to spraying the public in the past it is surely naiive to reassure ourselves that ‘they’ could not possibly be undertaking clandestine spraying operations. The public has been subjected to a number of experiments in the past which our oh so respectable and responsible governenments did not bother to inform us about.

Further evidence of covert spraying activity is provided in the following article from the Japan Times

It seems that the US tested biological weapons in Okinawa in the 1960s. There are also references to actions carried out in Puerto Rico, Hawaaii, Utah and Taiwan. These were prior to the international convention on biological weapons in 1975. The agent used in the paddie fields was a rice blast fungus, which can wipe out huge amounts of rice.

Am I suggesting that the NATO countries are engaging in the use of biological weapons? I would suggest that they may be unknowingly engaging in this if they are acquiescent to covert aerial spraying of forests and all forms of life. After all, it is usually public observation and scrutiny which reveals that materials may be toxic e.g. DDT, asbestos, nicotine etc.

If well-intentioned people are permitting aerial spraying, geoengineering etc without informing the public, then they are accomplices to this crime. Because if extreme secrecy is being observed then how do we know what is being sprayed? How can we determine the long term effects of the nanoparticulates? How do we know that the materials being used are subjected to the utmost scrutiny to ensure that no other matter is contained in the toxic brew? Either by accident or design.

If certain politicians and members of the powers-that-be consider themselves to be infallible and unanswerable for their decisions then the above risks are real possibilities and if the visual evidence is proven to be valid the public will be unforgiving of these actions carried out for the ‘common good.’


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