It is encouraging to discover that the BBC’s German counterpart is a little more inclined to offer some balance in the climate change arena. While British mainstream media seem to adhere to the IPCC dogma ARD has given airtime to a different slant on things.

Professor Bjorn Lambay, a Danish ex-member of Greenpeace was convinced by IPCC apocalyptic claims. However, when his research revealed another side to things he felt this must be investigated and taken into cosideration. The IPCC ignored him and a member has since compared him to Hitler.

Richard Tol, a climate scientist, has also been shunned by the IPCC despite his prolific production of papers on this topic. He claims that the IPCC is prone to a biased interpretation of data. Toll is concerned that climate politics are dangerous when policies are based on over-reaction.

Bernd Metz, feels that IPCC revelations are based on partial truth.

Climate science affects us all and it is our right that all top scientists are given a fair hearing, states the newsreader. Hear, hear!

If German mainstream is reporting bias then it seems fair to say that there there is a transparency issue in the climate change debate.





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