Illness globally has skyrocketed in recent decades so what has changed?

by Joe Scanlan – Community Press Group

Daniel J. Towsey
Toxic chemicals are sprayed in the atmosphere for Geo-engineering purposes ~ What goes up must come down.

Since the ATOS demonstrations, on the 19th Feb. 2014, there has been some criticism of the inclusion of the issue of chemtrails, otherwise known as geo-engineering.

The misunderstanding was that the protests had been hijacked by an outside body looking for any platform to rant on about their agenda. This could not be further from the truth. If there was any hijacking taking place, it was by the Green Party, which is deceptive to say the very least. I say that as an ex-member of that Party myself; an embarrassed and ashamed one at that and ashamed of my naivety at the time. I never spotted the Communism. I was a useful green idiot. The inclusion of this issue was not an attempt to in any way deflect or devalue the seriousness of the protests but rather to bring into public view that illness simply doesn’t happen by chance.

It is true that groups such as the Socialist Workers Party will use any platform, even a football match, to spread their Communist doctrine. The Green Party do the same, pushing their Communitarian doctrine.

It is disgraceful to say the very least, that a movement claiming to be caring for the environment is complicit in destroying it by deception. That same destructiveness is the guiding light for all the other political parties to follow. The important word here is political. This is a political agenda and has nothing to do with caring for the environment or its unfortunate people.

What do all the parties and their pet media outlets have in common? Chemtrails! They are not permitted to mention them apparently. Chemtrails are conspicuous by their absence among the political parties and their pet media mouthpieces but ubiquitous by their presence for anyone brave enough to look at the sky, see the evidence and think for themselves.

Something is making us sick and disabled; there is no doubt about that, it’s just common sense.

It’s hard to admit that someone is spraying us like bugs but that doesn’t make it untrue. If you spray a fly with an insecticidal aerosol that fly dies. Before it dies, it presumably suffers from joint pains, respiratory illnesses, memory loss and the like. These are the same symptoms of chemtrail poisoning experienced by human beings.

Who is disabling us and why?

As we rightfully seek cures for the myriad of illnesses, this question is seldom if ever asked; certainly not by the mainstream corporate media and the global corporate governments and certainly not by the World ‘Health’ Organisation or the International Monetary Fund and certainly not the leader of the Green Party in the UK.

It is my contention that they all know what is going on except for the useful idiots like myself, who were once on the bottom rung of the ladder in the Green Party.



Victims of ATOS need to make the connection between illness in general and the poisoning of the air, soil, food, and water through the aerial spraying of toxins upon us all.

Ms. Bennett is the ex-editor of the Guardian newspaper.


She might just spare 20 minutes of her valuable time listening to the genuine environmental concerns of her fellow countrymen and women, to see who is causing the deaths and disabilities in the first place.



You may research the list of chemtrail-related illnesses for yourself here:-







Cognitive dissonance again? In the following interview David Lim reveals how his team informed Somerset flood victims that flooding of the Somerset levels had been planned under a EU directive. Despite being provided with the evidence in black and white some people still could not accept that this could be true – until Christopher Booker reported on this in mainstream and being in denial was no longer an option.

David Lim discusses man-made weather modification, HAARP near Aberystwyth and the dastardly plan promoted by David Keith – spraying us all with sulphuric acid to mitigate the effects of ‘man-made climate change’. Well worth watching but perhaps only if you can ‘engage critical thinking’.


Tetra is an experiment which will not conclude until 2018. In the meantime police officers continue to carry these devices on a daily basis. Barrie Trower explains why no one will admit that these devices are far from safe. What about those living near Tetra masts, I wonder?


I have recently received a very interesting comment on this topic from ‘Lee’ who claims to be a mind control victim and explains how he believes this has been achieved. As the account contains names and I am unable to verify the validity of the claims I an unable to post the comment – although the information is much appreciated, Lee. If you wish to resubmit the comment with names excluded I will be happy to publish it.

free as thy sweet mountain air

Microwaves are everywhere. Mobile phone technology uses microwaves – the assault on our cells is probably incalculable. However, who wants to be without a mobile these days? They can save lives, after all. The downside is that microwaves can also maim and kill. Time and again we hear that the masts necessary for mobile communication are harmless – so harmless in fact that schools have been selected as suitable sites – yet we now have evidence of the extent microwave technology can affect our cells.

Dr Barrie Trower explains how a Prime Minister, government ministers and olympic athletes felt they were being targeted by microwaves. Dr Trower was called in to assist in the detection work. He goes on to explain that anyone can be targeted, including government officials which can result in false or bad decisions, blackmail etc. Several countries, including the UK and the US, have been experimenting with this technology over the years.

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Welcome back Isle of Man Champions website! We missed you when you disappeared. Just when perusing your pages seemed so promising. At precisely the time a forum poster alerted us to your highly interesting content. Click – gone! Not gone and forgotten though. The aforementioned forum member had already captured you for eternity by way of screen shots. However, nothing beats the real thing. Therefore, it is pleasing to note that you are back live and well. And what an experience it is to view all those eminent local people who believe in Freedom to Flourish. (There are those unkind members of the electorate who counter this with the comment that there is no freedom to flush, but surely the serfs can be successfully ignored, as usual).

What exactly is so tantalising about your site? Why are some of us undisguisedly thrilled by your return? We, the serfs, are intrigued by this site. While the elderly, the single parents, the widows, the low-paid, and the rest of us, are still reeling from the seemingly undemocratic imposition of the Toilet Tax and from disbelief at the apparent hubris with which the petition and the people were ignored, it is intriguing to note that we have freedom to flourish. We simply had not noticed.

This website is for the elite of the island. Indeed, membership of Isle of Man Champions is by personal invitation from the Chief Minister. Impressive.

It seems a little strange then that such a high-ranking group would not have engaged a better copywriter. The copy in itself is fine, I guess. It is just a little repetitive in places. The words ‘common’ and ‘purpose’ seem to pop up more than once. But let’s not be picky. It all seems impressive otherwise.










While Ed Milliband climbs on the climate change scare-story bandwagon and utters the magic words ‘national security issue’ it seems that others are not so convinced. A senior Met Office expert states that the floods were not caused by global warming. This makes perfect sense – unlike the mantra being trotted out by the self-proclaimed planet protectors.

The major stumbling block being the fact that we have just experienced weather – not climate. The man-made global warming – oops – climate change protagonists are the first to point out that weather is not climate. This is perfectly true. Why then do they jump upon the chance to declare that some extreme storms are evidence of climate change? What is the reasoning behind this? Ed Milliband, along with many other politicians is not an expert on climatology. What does he know about this topic? Precious little, I suspect. Yet, along with others who apparently show little curiosity about the topic, he is happy to connect flooding with climate change.

Our Met man tells us that we have experienced storms as a result of the jet stream ‘being stuck further south than usual’. It’s weather!


And by the way, what is HAARP capable of doing? It is capable of heating the ionosphere which would cause the jet stream to move. The following description is contained in a patent:

“Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.”


United States Patent 4,686,605    

Eastlund    August 11, 1987

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere




But why put brains into gear and question things when you can parrot what you are told by most mainstream sources, which are also parroting information received? For those who feel comfortable with the thought that they are saving the world by believing everything they read that appears to confirm man-made climate change, please feel free to do so. However, it is unreasonable to expect the rest of us to bleat along in chorus. This is not settled science. Nor is every weather event linked to climate change.



In the midst of continuing storms hitting us from the Atlantic it is worth bearing in mind that even the man-made climate change protagonists could not claim that this is climate change – after all they like to remind us that weather is not climate. At the moment we are having a phase of extreme weather. This would have to persist over a long period to be referred to as climate change.

In this video a NASA engineer and former White House space programme advisor speaks out publicly about the climate change myth and explains the situation from his point of view. Global warming does not exist, he announces. Yes, there is a political spin on this too, but we all know that the IPCC has been described as a political body – with a leftist lean. So why not listen to the other side of things from someone who has really looked into things? Left and right are just labels anyway. The strings are pulled from outside of the public arena.

John Casey is currently the President of the Space and Research Center. He has 35 years with NASA .


Climate change is settled science? This is what they would have us believe. Predictions are based on ‘models’ which the man-made climate change proponents appear to take as fact. How can they possibly predict what will be happening in one hundred years’ time or even one hundred days’ time? After all predictions up to now have been seriously inaccurate. Despite the dire warnings emanating from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) about ever-increasing global warming there has been no discernible warming for seventeen years. The 50,000,000 climate refugees predicted for 2010, thankfully, did not appear. No arctic ice in summer 2013? Wrong again. Yet the doom and gloomers continue, undaunted. Scaring the wits out of schoolchildren, using unproven hypotheses.

Scientists complain that the IPCC is biased and that contradictory evidence is not given the same prominence as the theory that panel members wish to disseminate. And these highly dubious scare stories and data are at the core of the latest proposals to openly geoengineer the planet by spraying us with sulphuric acid. The main proponent of this, David Keith, has openly admitted that he is unsure of the exact consequences of this proposed action. Fortunately, it seems that others are not so easily captivated by this plan. Mike Hulme, professor of climate and culture in the School of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s College London, has doubts about the accuracy of climate models at local and regional levels and, in debate with David Keith, states that:

What you are claiming then is that we can rely upon these same models to be able to ascertain accurately the additional effects of sulphur loading of the stratosphere. Frankly, I would not bet a dollar on such results, let alone the fate of millions.

The Oxford debate: