In the midst of continuing storms hitting us from the Atlantic it is worth bearing in mind that even the man-made climate change protagonists could not claim that this is climate change – after all they like to remind us that weather is not climate. At the moment we are having a phase of extreme weather. This would have to persist over a long period to be referred to as climate change.

In this video a NASA engineer and former White House space programme advisor speaks out publicly about the climate change myth and explains the situation from his point of view. Global warming does not exist, he announces. Yes, there is a political spin on this too, but we all know that the IPCC has been described as a political body – with a leftist lean. So why not listen to the other side of things from someone who has really looked into things? Left and right are just labels anyway. The strings are pulled from outside of the public arena.

John Casey is currently the President of the Space and Research Center. He has 35 years with NASA .


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