Welcome back Isle of Man Champions website! We missed you when you disappeared. Just when perusing your pages seemed so promising. At precisely the time a forum poster alerted us to your highly interesting content. Click – gone! Not gone and forgotten though. The aforementioned forum member had already captured you for eternity by way of screen shots. However, nothing beats the real thing. Therefore, it is pleasing to note that you are back live and well. And what an experience it is to view all those eminent local people who believe in Freedom to Flourish. (There are those unkind members of the electorate who counter this with the comment that there is no freedom to flush, but surely the serfs can be successfully ignored, as usual).

What exactly is so tantalising about your site? Why are some of us undisguisedly thrilled by your return? We, the serfs, are intrigued by this site. While the elderly, the single parents, the widows, the low-paid, and the rest of us, are still reeling from the seemingly undemocratic imposition of the Toilet Tax and from disbelief at the apparent hubris with which the petition and the people were ignored, it is intriguing to note that we have freedom to flourish. We simply had not noticed.

This website is for the elite of the island. Indeed, membership of Isle of Man Champions is by personal invitation from the Chief Minister. Impressive.

It seems a little strange then that such a high-ranking group would not have engaged a better copywriter. The copy in itself is fine, I guess. It is just a little repetitive in places. The words ‘common’ and ‘purpose’ seem to pop up more than once. But let’s not be picky. It all seems impressive otherwise.


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