I have recently received a very interesting comment on this topic from ‘Lee’ who claims to be a mind control victim and explains how he believes this has been achieved. As the account contains names and I am unable to verify the validity of the claims I an unable to post the comment – although the information is much appreciated, Lee. If you wish to resubmit the comment with names excluded I will be happy to publish it.

free as thy sweet mountain air

Microwaves are everywhere. Mobile phone technology uses microwaves – the assault on our cells is probably incalculable. However, who wants to be without a mobile these days? They can save lives, after all. The downside is that microwaves can also maim and kill. Time and again we hear that the masts necessary for mobile communication are harmless – so harmless in fact that schools have been selected as suitable sites – yet we now have evidence of the extent microwave technology can affect our cells.

Dr Barrie Trower explains how a Prime Minister, government ministers and olympic athletes felt they were being targeted by microwaves. Dr Trower was called in to assist in the detection work. He goes on to explain that anyone can be targeted, including government officials which can result in false or bad decisions, blackmail etc. Several countries, including the UK and the US, have been experimenting with this technology over the years.

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