Illness globally has skyrocketed in recent decades so what has changed?

by Joe Scanlan – Community Press Group

Daniel J. Towsey
Toxic chemicals are sprayed in the atmosphere for Geo-engineering purposes ~ What goes up must come down.

Since the ATOS demonstrations, on the 19th Feb. 2014, there has been some criticism of the inclusion of the issue of chemtrails, otherwise known as geo-engineering.

The misunderstanding was that the protests had been hijacked by an outside body looking for any platform to rant on about their agenda. This could not be further from the truth. If there was any hijacking taking place, it was by the Green Party, which is deceptive to say the very least. I say that as an ex-member of that Party myself; an embarrassed and ashamed one at that and ashamed of my naivety at the time. I never spotted the Communism. I was a useful green idiot. The inclusion of this issue was not an attempt to in any way deflect or devalue the seriousness of the protests but rather to bring into public view that illness simply doesn’t happen by chance.

It is true that groups such as the Socialist Workers Party will use any platform, even a football match, to spread their Communist doctrine. The Green Party do the same, pushing their Communitarian doctrine.

It is disgraceful to say the very least, that a movement claiming to be caring for the environment is complicit in destroying it by deception. That same destructiveness is the guiding light for all the other political parties to follow. The important word here is political. This is a political agenda and has nothing to do with caring for the environment or its unfortunate people.

What do all the parties and their pet media outlets have in common? Chemtrails! They are not permitted to mention them apparently. Chemtrails are conspicuous by their absence among the political parties and their pet media mouthpieces but ubiquitous by their presence for anyone brave enough to look at the sky, see the evidence and think for themselves.

Something is making us sick and disabled; there is no doubt about that, it’s just common sense.

It’s hard to admit that someone is spraying us like bugs but that doesn’t make it untrue. If you spray a fly with an insecticidal aerosol that fly dies. Before it dies, it presumably suffers from joint pains, respiratory illnesses, memory loss and the like. These are the same symptoms of chemtrail poisoning experienced by human beings.

Who is disabling us and why?

As we rightfully seek cures for the myriad of illnesses, this question is seldom if ever asked; certainly not by the mainstream corporate media and the global corporate governments and certainly not by the World ‘Health’ Organisation or the International Monetary Fund and certainly not the leader of the Green Party in the UK.

It is my contention that they all know what is going on except for the useful idiots like myself, who were once on the bottom rung of the ladder in the Green Party.



Victims of ATOS need to make the connection between illness in general and the poisoning of the air, soil, food, and water through the aerial spraying of toxins upon us all.

Ms. Bennett is the ex-editor of the Guardian newspaper.


She might just spare 20 minutes of her valuable time listening to the genuine environmental concerns of her fellow countrymen and women, to see who is causing the deaths and disabilities in the first place.



You may research the list of chemtrail-related illnesses for yourself here:-






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