We recently discovered that taxpayers’ money was being wasted on a huge amount of over-referrals in the Social Care department. Despite public rejection of the introduction of the intrusive Every Child Matters policy and assurances that the proposal had been abandoned. However, the transcript of the Tynwald Standing Committee on Social Affairs Policy Review Enquiry later revealed that the department :

had a culture out there which was tending towards adopting the Every Child Matters agenda.’ and that the agenda ‘had the unfortunate impact of very broad referral criteria.

In the very last sitting of the Tony Brown government Martyn Quayle popped up and just happened to need half a million pounds for ‘new working practices’ in the department. These new working practices resulted in the importation of a number of UK social workers.

Did we need so many because the system resulted in 959 referrals from which only 60 cases required further action?

How much more surveillance do we need then? (Bearing in mind that the government track record in assuming the role of guardian has been less than impressive in the past).

The latest report conducted into the Department of Social care by the Care Inspectorate of Scotland advises us that our system is ineffective and that more agencies should be more focussed on certain children. Sounds like increased interference. Why would Mr Robertshaw choose the Care Inspectorate of Scotland  when we have previously used English authorities? What do we know about the Scottish system?  It seems it is even more interfering than the UK system:


Draconian measures?

Of course we wish to protect children from abuse but this has to be within reason. It seems that innocent parents are subjected to unreasonable and intrusive scrutiny. In a small island the stigma remains. This is a fact.

And why do we suddenly require so many foster parents? Very young adults with no experience in caring for children are seemingly assumed to be able to deal with difficult children. The more you explore the system, the less sense it seems to make.





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