On my way home in the car this evening there were a few soundbites which are referred to as ‘news’ these days. It seems that Phil Gawne is suggesting that there could be positive spinoffs for the Isle of Man from ‘climate change’. Warmer temperatures here would attract  climate refugees to our pleasant climate (these 50,000,000 climate refugees that were predicted for 2010 must still be around somewhere waiting to happen) )

Having just turned up the car heater to warm myself through a little, I couldn’t help wondering how this myth continues to be promoted with such vigour. Climate change is the most normal thing there is and has been going on for millennia. Man has adapted to it before and will have to adapt to whatever happens in the future. It seems there has been no warming for over 15 years in any case. So why the dramas? Well, there is a lot of money riding on this topic. Remove the climate change doomers and gloomers and there would be a sizeable increase in the numbers of the unemployed. But arguably more money to go around!

Only a few decades ago the powers that be were openly proposing warming the arctic  in order to access minerals and the proposed warming effect was viewed as positive. Bring it on, I can recall late April days that were so much warmer than this.

So why the change of tack?

A global threat to unite us all against a common enemy – ourselves! Check it out. You could build a whole movement based on this. Oh – hang on. They already have.