So government would not spray us? Just like soldiers have never been used as lab rats?

The following document explains in detail just how some parts of the UK have been sprayed with chemicals in the past. Was permission sought to do this? Would anyone give permission to become a guinea pig? The document reveals in detail exactly how the spraying was calculated and carried out – in 1959.

With further ‘trials’ being carried out in 1963:

Scott Stevens, a former TV weatherman, has been very active in investigation of persistent contrails and weather manipulation:

Steven Martin, a senior meteorologist also questions weather patterns and is convinced that some storms are engineered.

Why should we believe denials from governments regarding aerial spraying when they also admit to not investigating the matter? We can see it has been done before – and more than once.  So is it really so ridiculous to question what is happening in the sky? It seems to me that the most irrational behaviour is to accept assurances that everything is just fine when we have evidence of the UK Government’s track record.

P.S. The photo in this document dates back to 1926.




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