Time flies! It’s over three years since the first blog post. The intention at the time was to draw attention to the fact that a candidate’s manifesto has little to do with reality. What can a lone MHK achieve? Not a lot. The script is written and strings are pulled to ensure the agenda takes shape.

Little has changed in the past three years. With perhaps one exception. Mud slinging. Instead of responding to allegations made, it now seems the game is about deflecting the impact of criticism by pointing the finger at others, in a personal attack. This is neither becoming nor helpful. The public is interested only in the facts of the matter and above all we are keen to find out why our money is being thrown around with apparent gay abandon while ministers tersely tell us that financial sacrifices are essential.

While it is logical to assume that the agenda is mapped out by senior civil servants and advising officers, who may retain their positions throughout several administrations, it is not clear how the new brand of minister has emerged. Our present senior ministers seem accustomed to doing as they please consider best with our money and treating us with what appears to be little more than contempt. How dare we query government outgoings!

In the past Peter Karran has referred to IOM plc and the shareholders. This is not form of analogy. The Isle of Man is truly a corporation and as shareholders we should be consulted about our opinions of the present financial situation and those we employ.





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