This is getting really confusing. Assad was the bogey man who had to be unseated. Now the US may seek Assad’s co-operation to root out ISIS. But just a minute – it seems the US was considering arming ISIS at one point.

The rhetoric has changed again. What is going on?

It seems that the US is now dependent on wars to prop up the debt-based monetary system.

It would be preferable to leave the scary headlines to mainstream media but msm does not cover this topic so apologies for the apocalyptic headline on the above, which does not devalue the content btw.

Scrutiny of the US paranoid stance on so many diverse nations is essential if lives are to be spared. Taking things at face value and accepting the hype is exactly what we are supposed to do. Cognitive dissonance is not easy to deal with but wars have usually been initiated by hype so it is surely essential that we question what is going on. We got it so wrong with Iraq. Should we really accept the current ‘Feindbild’, whichever that might be, without question?


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