The status quo continues. Elections come and go. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Members of the electorate believe, or maybe simply hope, that their chosen candidate will change the world of politics. Frankly, it ain’t gonna happen. Take local politics as an example: We have tenacious, badgering members who attempt to expose opaque transactions. While we may support the ideals behind this, we are not surprised when the questions are dismissed in a cavalier fashion in our parliament. It seems we do not expect to taken seriously by those we employ to run our nation.

Further afield, the pattern continues. Why? Because despite all the media attention given to elections and despite the observance of strict fairness legislation etc., the sad fact is  that the successful candidates take their orders from outside of the electorate. Big business rules the world and is set to increase the vice-like grip it already exercises. (Check out TTIP if you haven’t already done so).

Every year the most rich and powerful people meet with heads of states in secret meetings. You would think mainstream media newshounds would be on to this, wouldn’t you? No chance. Mainstream is bought and paid for. Corporations rule the world and this has a spin-off for every one of us. The results of the carefully-laid plans sicker through to the smallest nations where the politicians.dutifully perform their globalist duties.

Four points to remember:

  • Elections are merely a distraction to give the impression that we actually have a say in things. I know for a fact that my MHK will completely ignore my wishes if a senior civil servant has ‘advised’ him of a certain course of action. (The senior civil servant that neither you nor I elected btw). Too much emotional input in elections drains your energy. Save it for something worthwhile.
  • New proposals must always be countered with the question, ‘Cui bono?’ From granite paving to CCTV there will always be someone coining it – and it may well be unnecessary expense or restriction.
  • Do not feed the animals. Ruthless and uncaring CEOs can be quickly brought to heel by boycott action. Without sales they are stuffed. Look for alternatives, which may well be superior.
  • Alternatives are the way to go. From energy production to basics like food and clothing.

Whatever you do, don’t believe that your vote will change the world. Or have you experienced that in the past? Take meaningful action.


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