Why the search for alternatives? Without alternatives the system will continue and that is for me, and many others, an unacceptable scenario. How fortunate we were that the Ukraine situation was defused. Had this not been the case World War Three would have been playing out right in the centre of Europe. Far removed from those who were pushing to initiate war. ( I am not referring to Russia btw.).

The following documentary and the soldier’s testimony must surely be a very good reason to take a look at what is really going on and why we need to focus on alternatives.

Like many others I used to blindly accept that we supported the good guys. I accepted that intervention was necessary in conflict areas. And the thought that a number of conflicts were actually induced by third parties never crossed my mind. Those who did not adhere to this line of thought were obviously leftie dissidents, I reasoned. Well, thank goodness I woke up!

The following videos are not easy viewing. However, I would suggest that anyone who blindly supports anything that emanates from western powers, without question, needs to check these out before silently acquiescing to the use of further military force anywhere in the world. Do we really need to invade so many countries in order to protect ourselves? Defence is quite another matter.

And by the way, when local politicians blindly support sanctions placed on certain countries are they not also playing a part in things?


The subtitles could be better, but I think it gives the gist.

Action has, imo, nothing to do with violence or rioting. The revolution I envisage is peaceful but effective. (McDonalds currently closing a number of outlets worldwide. People seek healthy food. Get the idea?).


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