So has anyone got the picture yet? Elections are a distraction. Not to be mistaken for achieving any real change in our lives. Facebook is constantly full with optimistic comments from those who somehow assume that those who have behaved so abominably over the last term of government will be unceremoniously booted out and somehow, somewhere we will obtain the good, honest, trustworthy members we deserve. Well, please check out Douglas South. Did the electorate look for new blood? No. And even if you did – well unfortunately you were outnumbered. So please do not be surprised if the same pattern plays out at the General Election.

Real change does not take place in the Polling Booth. Or to quote Mark Twain: If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.

Change will be achieved by ensuring that those corporations, banks and wealthy families which have the globe in a stranglehold finally receive the treatment they deserve. Not by violent means but by carefully choosing which products to purchase, which companies should benefit from our patronage and by ensuring that we hit them where it hurts most. Right in their pockets.

McDonalds closing numerous restaurants worldwide because they do not serve what today’s discerning customers seek. This is the way forward. Along with finding and supporting and using every viable alternative we can find. Alternative therapies, alternative energy, alternative horticulture – with emphasis on local producers.

Today’s Malarkey will be forgotten in the sands of time. Another exercise in conning us into believing that we have real choice and that a different MHK will turn things around. The real change is taking shape outside of the puppet theatre, in my opinion.


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