Freedom from pain and illness must surely be right at the top of the wishlist for all those suffering chronic pain and disease. Many sufferers of chronic illness consider their GP to be the first port of call. This usually results in our leaving the practice with a prescription clutched in our hands to be presented to the pharmacist asap. But is this the only possible course of action? Does it result in good health? Or is it simply a way of living with an illness that simply does not go away?

Having been in this situation I can tell you that I explored new avenues, was open to giving consideration to most natural healing methods and employing a wide variety of dietary changes. supplements and lifestyle changes I ditched the drugs (prescribed of course) and began to feel a whole lot better.

I’m not suggesting that anyone abandon their doctor forthwith but I very much hope that those who take charge of their health will discover that the regular doctor visits are superfluous and that the drugs can be dumped.

Are you ready to take charge of your health? It seems that many feel disempowered, according to Dr Lissa Rankin. Many are content to transfer responsibility for their health to the doctor and sit back and wait for the fix to kick in. If you are ready to become proactive, informed and ready to regain your mojo then watch this space. šŸ˜‰

It requires determination, dedication and doggedness. The rewards can be amazing.

PS I am not a doctor and am unable to offer anyone advice regarding their health issues. However, several people have suggested I pass on details of things I have tried. A natural practitioner suggested I write a book. The amount of material I intend to post might well fill a book but I hope that blogging will make things more accessible.

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